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  • Cold Cold Ground

    (1,389 listeners)

    industrial metal, finnish, industrial rock, cyber metal

    Helsinki, Finland (2004 - 2014) Cold Cold Ground was founded in 2004 by Hauptmann D, NooZ, Mr. Bunny and John Paul Jr. The band is based in Helsinki, Finland. Current members: Hauptmann D – Vocals / Programming Mr. Bunny – Guitar / Programming NooZ – Bass

  • Dope Stars Inc.

    (142,982 listeners)

    industrial, industrial rock, industrial metal, electronic

    Cyberpunk Rock. Victor Love: Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine La Nuit: Guitar Darin Yevonde: Bass Ash Rexy: Keyboards With lyrics inspired by Cyberpunk imagery and the Cyberpunk subculture, Dope Stars Inc. have been mixing industrial beats, acid synths and distorted sounds with a bratty rock’n’roll sound and attitude since their foundation in May 2003, Italy.

  • Iconcrash

    (2,942 listeners)

    finnish, alternative, synthpop, rock

    In the beginning there was one man. Jaani Peuhu, already a seasoned rock music professional at a pretty young age, who wanted to do exactly what he wanted, without having to please anybody else except himself. So he wrote a number of songs that sounded more like the music he was hearing in his head different than the sound of any of his prior bands.

  • Lord Of The Lost

    (17,149 listeners)

    gothic rock, gothic metal, glam rock, german

    Chris "The Lord" Harms follows his predestined path to create something beautiful and beguiling, a new musical platform for dark and emotive rock. Introducing: LORD OF THE LOST

  • Neon Synthesis

    (18,652 listeners)

    industrial metal, industrial, industrial rock, italian

    Neon Synthesis is an industrial metal band from Brescia, Italy characterized by a "hammering rhythmic section, compact and essential guitars, large use of synthesizers and a powerful and versatile voice". The name of the band doesnt have a specific meaning, it only wants to suggest the idea of something cold, something synthetic, artificial.

  • New Generation Superstars

    (1,360 listeners)

    rock, under 2000 listeners, hard rock, british

    After grabbing the Rock world’s attention in 2007, New Generation Superstars continue to work hard with consistency, perseverance and enthusiasm which are gaining them accolades worldwide. Built upon a solid foundation, the Nottingham based band has mastered their craft with anthemic chorus, crunching guitar riffs, with thundering bass lines and drums.

  • Night By Night

    (810 listeners)

    hard rock, under 2000 listeners, rock, classic rock

    “Night by Night are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today. Real songs with great riffs and vocal harmonies. Packing the best of the 80′s with a youthful, fresh enthusiasm.” Rick Savage, DEF LEPPARD

  • Private Line

    (42,536 listeners)

    finnish, rock, glam rock, hard rock

    Private Line was originally formed in the mid-90s (1996 in Helsinki, Fi) by Sammy, guitar player Jari and some of their school mates. Eliaz the kid in the block. erm..