• Summerfest Day 1 (June 24th)

    25 Jun 2010, 07:03 by JoshMelder

    Thu 24 Jun – Summerfest 2010, June 24th

    Summerfest is one my favorite things to do all summer. Always something to do: people to meet, games to play, drunks to watch. It's a good time. So glad it's back after such a long time.

    As I said, there is always something to do. So before camping out waiting for the bands of the night I hung out with some friends to check out the activities going down for the year. Just to name a few non-concert events, there was the playstation area again where there was guitar hero 5/ dj hero (which is really boring) and also a home run derby I came in second in among other games. There was also the combo and air head xtreme promotional stations where you basically got free food. best deal/ tastiest deal there.

    Anyway the main bands for the night I decided to see were Tokyo Police Club and Passion Pit.

    I'll just give a brief description because there are 11 days of this and I want to sleep.

    Tokyo Police Club: