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  • 1 foot in da rave

    (1,683 listeners)

    audiolith, electronic, electro, elektro

  • baze.djunkiii

    (74 listeners)

    trance, house, electronic, dance

    It was in the late 80s, when the still primary school-aged baze.djunkiii developed a deep love for electronic dance music. Heavily influenced by a tape containing early AcidHouse and NuBeat/EBM-tunes he had received from his older cousin, he spent hours in front of his small tapedeck recording aired tunes fitting to his own.

  • Captain Capa

    (20,688 listeners)

    electronic, german, electro, electroclash

    Captain Capa is a german electropop/indietronica band formed in 2007. The guys are from the small town Bad Frankenhausen in Thuringia/Germany and have released two albums so far.

  • Das Audiolith

    (0 listeners)

    electro, seen live

  • Egotronic

    (89,042 listeners)

    electropunk, electronic, electro, german

    Formed in 2000, Egotronic started making electro punk out of noises they got from their C64 computer and mixed them up with live instruments. They released demo CDs and contributed to some compilations including "captain future re-animated" and "I Can't Relax In Deutschland".

  • Juri Gagarin

    (32,946 listeners)

    electronic, electro, electroclash, electropunk

    Juri Gagarin is an electroclash duo from Hamburg, Germany. They are mostly known for their video and track 'Presidator'. They are Sergej and Arnold who dress in the old Soviet-style at their performances.

  • Krink

    (8,617 listeners)

    electronic, audiolith, electro, club

    Krink’s sets and productions are intricate, well planned and well executed. They make people dance and clearly represent his pluralist musical approach. Surely no producer or dj would claim a monocultural influence nowadays, but Krink is not just about referring to unanimous heroes. He is seeking the good and true: quality according to taste, if you will.

  • Plemo And Rampue

    (17,985 listeners)

    electronic, audiolith, electro, 8-bit

  • Radio Hertz

    (0 listeners)