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  • Adam Beyer

    (70,902 listeners)

    techno, minimal, electronic, minimal techno

    Adam Beyer's music is synonymous with all that is exciting about techno. Having emerged as the figurehead of the hugely prolific Swedish techno scene, Beyer's focused and considered approach to his craft has worked to confirm his position as a globally recognized DJ and producer who headlines the worlds cutting edge clubs and festivals week-in-week-out.

  • Al Doyle

    (11 listeners)

    Al Doyle is a musician best known as the guitarist, keyboardist, and percussionist for LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip.

  • Andy Butler

    (1,285 listeners)

    electronic, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    LiveLooping music is a way of extending the musical possibilities of instruments without resorting to the use of pre-recorded material. Sounds can be layered, altered, mixed and edited on the fly as the music is performed. andy butler produces a wide range of sounds from his guitar by use of special techniques, and by electronic modification.

  • Armin van Buuren

    (954,195 listeners)

    trance, electronic, progressive trance, vocal trance

    Armin van Buuren is a trance (mostly progressive trance and uplifting trance) music producer and DJ from Netherlands. His musical career started in 1995.

  • ATB

    (830,792 listeners)

    trance, electronic, dance, vocal trance

    André Tanneberger aka ATB (born February 26, 1973 in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany) is a DJ, musician, and producer of trance, ambient and progressive house music.

  • Audion

    (113,438 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    Amidst the maelstrom of aliases adopted by Detroit's prodigious and prolific Matthew Dear, Audion is undoubtedly the grittiest; the singles "Kisses" and "The Pong" earned immense praise for their serrated approach to 4/4 techno in 2004, bringing untamed synths and raucous beats into a devastating melange.

  • Axwell

    (402,599 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    Axwell, along with Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello is one-third of of what has become known as the Swedish House Mafia.

  • Ben Watt

    (62,282 listeners)

    deep house, house, electronic, indie pop

    Born 6 Dec 1962, London. Musician. Songwriter. Producer. DJ. Owner-founder of Buzzin’ Fly Records and Strange Feeling Records. Half of alt-pop duo Everything But The Girl (EBTG).

  • Benny Benassi

    (1,075,658 listeners)

    electronic, house, techno, dance

    Marco Benassi, better known as Benny Benassi (born in Milan, 13 July 1967) is an Italian disc jockey and a euro house artist.

  • Busy P

    (271,224 listeners)

    electro, electronic, ed banger, french

    A full decade after the release of 'Homework', and 8 years after Oizo broke through, Busy P (Pedro Winter) is the head of one of the most exciting record labels in the business.

  • Cassy

    (11,789 listeners)

    deep house, minimal, techno, minimal techno

    Cassy (real name: Catherine Britton) left England for Austria in 1975 with her father. Her first musical foray was as a vocalist for Elin (aka Autorepeat) on "Music Takes Me Higher". It wasn't long before she turned her attention to mixing. She was often found in the Vienna and Munich scenes, before moving to Berlin in 2003.

  • Chateau Flight

    (33,248 listeners)

    electronic, house, downtempo, french

    This is an incorrect tag for Château Flight. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do last.fm and yourself a favor. Fix your artist tags.

  • Chris Lake

    (226,624 listeners)

    house, progressive house, electro house, dance

    Globally recognised as one of the most exciting, forward thinking and cutting edge producers on the scene, Chris Lake's rare ability to create tracks that fuse elements of house, electro and techno has not been lost on his fellow peers.

  • Chus & Ceballos

    (6,501 listeners)

    house, tribal house, progressive house, dance

    Hailing from Spain, this dynamic duo has effortlessly carved out a secure slot amongst the elite with numerous slices of picture perfect modern House on their very own imprint STEREO PRODUCTIONS( http://www.stereo-productions.com/ ). In addition to these original epic productions, the crew has also revamped many special projects on such labels as Yoshitoshi, Shinichi, Skyline and on and on.

  • Danny Tenaglia

    (54,750 listeners)

    house, electronic, progressive house, electronica

    Since the release of his debut album Hard & Soul in 1995, and his subsequent beat-mixed dance compilations, such as, Mix This Pussy, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?, Gag Me with a Tune, and Color Me Danny, the DJ-remixer-producer has traveled the Globe performing for audiences everywhere.

  • David Guetta

    (2,460,565 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    David Guetta (born November 7th, 1967 in Paris) is a French DJ. He was the pioneer of French house with "Up & Away…

  • deadmau5

    (1,374,749 listeners)

    house, electronic, progressive house, electro

    Born (January 5, 1981) and raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Joel Zimmerman (aka "deadmau5") has become one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic music scene in recent times. He is known for his highly entertaining live gigs, often performing wearing a large cartoon mouse head.

  • Desyn Masiello

    (2,330 listeners)

    progressive house, house, electronic, dance

    Desyn is one of the very few djs in recent years that has stood out and caught the ear of some of the worlds largest DJs (Deep Dish, Sander K and Danny Howells nominating him as their 'future DJ Hero' in DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll 2002).With many established DJs and nucomer DJs leaning towards a particular style and musical range many are pigeon holed into a 'genre' of music.

  • DJ Mehdi

    (275,172 listeners)

    electro, electronic, french, ed banger

    DJ Mehdi (born Mehdi Favéris-Essadi in 1977) was a french DJ who began his career in 1992 with the rap band Ideal J (with Kery James). He also spun for 113. He created the label "Espionnage", with names like Rohff, Rocé, Karlito, Dj Feadz, and Zdar (Cassius).

  • Felix Martin

    (2,696 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz metal, instrumental

    Felix Martin has become a pioneer of a style of playing for his custom-made instrument called the 14-string guitar. He is known for his abilities to compose innovative, highly complex music and for his personal techniques at playing two-handed tapping on the guitar.

  • Ferry Corsten

    (561,262 listeners)

    trance, electronic, progressive trance, dance

    Ferry Corsten is a Dutch DJ, producer and recorder who first started out in 1991 producing underground hardcore gabber tracks. He soon expanded into clubhouse and trance music. But don't put Ferry into the trance corner, because his sound encompasses several genres of electronic music.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    (89,791 listeners)

    house, deep house, chicago house, electronic

    Frankie Knuckles (born January 18, 1955 in New York City and died March 31, 2014 in Chicago) was a DJ, producer and remix artist. He has earned the appellation "The Godfather of House."

  • François K

    (11,552 listeners)

    house, deep house, tech house, electronic

    François K is a pseudonym of François Kevorkian (b. Rodez, France, 10 Jan 1954 - aka Francois K, Francois Kevorkian & Francois K.), is a DJ, remixer, producer & record label owner, of Armenian descent.

  • Guy Gerber

    (82,659 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, progressive house, house

    The man responsible for those ends of night moments on some of the most respected dance floors across the globe over the last twelve months is more than likely Guy Gerber.

  • Heidi

    (7,888 listeners)

    female vocalists, japanese, finnish, denmark

    There are multiple artists called Heidi: 1) Heidi is a danish sing and songwriter, know form the Danish edition of X-Factor. 2) Heidi is Canadian born, Berlin based DJ and producer. 3) Heidi is a Japanese rock band.

  • James Holden

    (121,740 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, progressive house, techno

    James Holden is far from your average DJ-producer. The wunderkind James Holden has finally come of age, and has delivered up the debut album to prove it: and at 28…

  • James Murphy

    (34,437 listeners)

    progressive metal, guitar virtuoso, thrash metal, metal

    There are two musicians named James Murphy. 1) James Franklin Murphy (July 30, 1967, Portsmouth, Virginia) is an American guitarist. He is best known for his work in metal bands, Obituary, Death[1] and Testament.[2] He founded Disincarnate,[3] an early death metal band.

  • Jason Jollins

    (647 listeners)

    progressive house, progressive, electronica, prog

    International DJ, Producer and record label owner Jason Jollins has been a driving force behind the underground electronic dance music movement in New York City since the late 1990’s, considered throughout the industry as New York City's top Progressive House DJ.

  • Josh Gabriel

    (25,768 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, progressive house, electronic

    One half of the Progressive trance and Electronica duo known as Gabriel & Dresden and trance pop duo Andain. He also released a solo album entitled Winter Kills.

  • Kaskade

    (589,765 listeners)

    house, electronic, deep house, chillout

    Kaskade is the stage name for Ryan Raddon, a DJ/producer/remixer/artist who was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1972. He went to college at BYU Provo prior to serving a church mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Japan, and when he came back he transferred the University of Utah and lived in Salt Lake city Utah. He now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Lindstrøm

    (158,096 listeners)

    electronic, space disco, norwegian, minimal

    Lindstrøm is a recording name of Norwegian producer, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. Hans-Peter was born on the west coast & lives in Oslo, Norway. He often collaborates with fellow producer Prins Thomas (together constituting the musical group Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas.)

  • Luciano

    (135,376 listeners)

    reggae, minimal, roots reggae, techno

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Luciano (born Jepther McClymont on October 20, 1964) is a Jamaican Roots Reggae artist.

  • Marco Carola

    (59,599 listeners)

    techno, minimal, minimal techno, electronic

    Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno. From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Neapolitan scene to the rest of the world.

  • Mark Ernestus

    (8,104 listeners)

    dub techno, techno, electronic, dub

    Mark Ernestus is the founder of the legendary Hard Wax record store, which in 1989 laid the foundation for Berlin's electronic club music scene. He played a key role in establishing the Berlin-Detroit nexus, and started creating music as one half of Basic Channel (aka Maurizio), with its deep, immeasurably influential hybrid of dub and techno.

  • Markus Schulz

    (275,716 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, vocal trance, electronic

    Markus Schulz is a German progressive trance producer renowned for his unique style of dark, brooding yet melodic productions and DJ sets. He is head of his own label Coldharbour Recordings in co-operation with Armada and he is infamous for surprising his fans with his own edits and reconstructions of well-known songs. He is currently living in Miami, Florida

  • Martin Buttrich

    (52,867 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, tech house

    You'll know Martin Buttrich from his production work for Timo Maas and Loco Dice however he is now becoming known as an artist in his own right with 'Full Clip' on Carl Craig's Planet E label.

  • Menno de JongUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (41,394 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance, melodic trance

    Menno de Jong is a 24 year old DJ from the Netherlands. He is the owner and founder of Intuition Recordings. He also has his very own podcast at http://www.mennodejong.com , released and aired on ETN.fm's trance stream the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Milton Henry

    (6,941 listeners)

    reggae, roots reggae, dub, spotify

    Milton Henry was born in Central Kingston. His talent as a singer was discovered at the age of 12 when Carl Dawkins would put young Milton on the street corner to sing. The reactions of passer-by were encouraging as a young man. Milton's motivating soucre were music greats like Slim Smith who together with Curtis Mayfield had a lasting influence on his singing style.

  • Nathan Fake

    (237,410 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, electronica

    Nathan Fake is an electronic musician from Norfolk, UK. Nathan exploded onto the scene with ‘Outhouse’ on James Holden’s Border Community label, which has now earned classic status, still receiving regular club and radio plays. His rocktronica follow up “The Sky was Pink” (graced with a remix by Nathan’s main fan 1#, James Holden).

  • Paco Osuna

    (15,373 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    Born in Barcelona. He started dj'ing in 1994 and became one of the best dj's of Spain. He's the resident dj of the well-known Amnesia club in Ibiza. He has released several records on labels such as plus 8, shake records and Noise Music.

  • Pat Mahoney

    (249 listeners)

    elctro-fu, nu-bluz funky grooves in the e-lounge, electronic-lounge, nu-disco

  • Prins Thomas

    (23,341 listeners)

    space disco, electronic, nu disco, norwegian

    Prins Thomas is responsible for a swag of the eclectic ‘space-disco’ sounds emanating from his homeland, Norway.

  • Richie Hawtin

    (135,717 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    Richard (Richie) Hawtin (born June 4, 1970, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England) is an English-Canadian electronic musician and internationally-touring DJ who was an influential part of Detroit techno's second wave of artists in the early 1990s. Hawtin is best known for his haunting, minimal works under the alias Plastikman, a moniker he continued to use into the mid 2000s.

  • Robbie RiveraUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (174,383 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, trance

    Riberto Louis Rivera, better known as Robbie Rivera, is a prolific house music producer and DJ born in Puerto Rico.

  • Roger Sanchez

    (354,307 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, club

    Roger Sanchez (born on 1 June 1967, in Queens, New York) is one of the most popular commercial house DJs in recent years, who scored many hits in the European and World Charts.

  • Seth Troxler

    (33,044 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, detroit techno

    As a comparable youth on the scene, Seth Troxler's achievements far outweigh his tender age of 22. His Detroit roots are unmistakable and his recent relocation to Berlin has already earned him a place in the elite of the European techno scene.

  • Speedy J

    (93,860 listeners)

    techno, electronic, idm, experimental

    Speedy J (real name Jochem Paap) is a Dutch techno producer based in the city of Rotterdam. Jochem Paap (the Rotterdam artist owes the nickname Speedy J to his DJ skills) is unanimously considered to be one of the first techno producers to come from the Benelux.

  • Steve Angello

    (304,265 listeners)

    house, electronic, progressive house, electro

    Steve Angello (born Steven Angello Josefsson Fragogiannis in 1982) is a Greek-Swedish DJ, producer, and record label owner. He is part of a three person group dubbed the Swedish House Mafia, alongside Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso.

  • Steve Aoki

    (363,595 listeners)

    electronic, electro, dance, tech house

    Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, grew up in Newport Beach, CA, and went to college at UCSB. In his early 20s, he founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996.

  • Steve Bug

    (98,673 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    Germany’s minimal dance connoisseur, Steve Bug, started his DJ-career in a small after-hour bar near Ibiza’s Space back in 1991 - soon becoming resident DJ in the best club in his hometown Bremen and booked to major German events such as the Love Parade.