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The Rew and Who Show
Dialogue from a Silent Film, Dahl HausConcert
The Branded Saloon
Brooklyn, New York, United States
40.679262 -73.968162

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Wednesday 28 January 2015
Teen Suicide
Alex GConcert
Bug Jar
Rochester NY, United States
43.150047 -77.600157

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Friday 27 February 2015
No JoyConcert Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco CA, United States
37.765047 -122.396477

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Sunday 1 March 2015
No Joy
Girls Names, FlaamingosConcert
The Echo
Los Angeles CA, United States
34.077745 -118.259985

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Monday 9 March 2015
Girls NamesConcert 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis MN, United States
44.978266 -93.276081

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