• DJ Tiesto @ Trondheim - [05-02-09]

    5 May 2009, 12:29 by AdrianDX

    Sat 2 May – DJ Tiesto
    This show kicked ass!!!!!!

    .... If you like to watch a 40-year old push a play button and then bob his head around for 2 hours. Or of course if you have no sense for good music, if you only listen to songs that have a BPM of 140, if you have no dancing skills what so ever, and if your only purpose of the night is to get laid with some slutty trance w***e.

    I'm sorry, but this whole event just left me with a lot of questions... Why do people not get bored of this one set tempo pumping through the speakers for 2 hours? Why is exactly DJ Tiesto so god damned different from everyone else? What would need to happen in order to say that DJ Tiesto does playback? How the hell do people tell these songs from eachother?

    The list goes on and on, and I guess I'll never get any good answers as I tried talking to people at a burger place nearby after the show to ask them "What was so god damned good about this show?", but the only reply I could get was "You just don't get it",