NIN|JA 2009


With Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction and Street Sweeper Social Club

Past event
Wednesday 10 June 2009

Post Gazette Pavillion

665 Rt. 18
Burgettstown, Pittsburgh 15021
United States
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Tel: (724) 947-7400

I was in the pit and I was 5 inches away from touching Perrys hand! But he did smile at me so that changed my life! The pit was pretty awesome during NIN! I was the only girl in the pit!! HELLS YEAH! It was the best concert I have ever seen. I am going to see Metallica in October so I will keep ya posted on what was better!!
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  • mbern09

    nin. one of the best shows ive ever been to.

    31 Jul 2009 Reply
  • dvp5024

    tarantism....well put.

    24 Jun 2009 Reply
  • u2dave

    JANE'S ADDICTION SETLIST: Three Days / Whores / Ain't No Right / Pigs In Zen / Then She Did... / Up The Beach / Mountain Song / Been Caught Stealing / Ocean Size / Ted, Just Admit It... // Summertime Rolls / 1% / Stop / Jane Says

    13 Jun 2009 Reply
  • HmmJustABox

    Awesome show. Jane's was way better live than I expected.

    12 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Est1992

    excellent show. NIN fucking rocked.

    12 Jun 2009 Reply

    Awesome show. So good but pisses me off it's their last tour at the same time.

    12 Jun 2009 Reply
  • xERINx11114

    YESSS!!! PERRY IS SO HOT!!!! He pointed and smiled at me, i managed to get Pit tickets while only making minimum wage. haha FUCK BILLS!!!

    12 Jun 2009 Reply
  • ManicMuse

    I really loved it. I wish they'd played The Fragile when it was dark, though. Actually, I wish Jane's Addiction had gone on first, even though I surprisingly really enjoyed them and loved the show they put on. I didn't even mind all the rain, but NIN would have been so much better in the dark.

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • oreoleo

    GREAT CONCERT. I was sort of relieved when they got to HLAH without Hurt cause I figured that was the end of the set. I'm glad I was wrong though, it ended up being a pretty powerful song to end on, being the penultimate show of the tour. NIN had amazing energy and had me rocking out the entire setlist. I'm not a huge Jane's fan, but they're excellent musicians and all their cuts from Nothing's Shocking were great. Dave Navarro is mind-numbingly good at guitar, but that's certainly nothing new. All in all, very glad I made the drive from Cleveland for the show :)

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • u2dave

    Home / Somewhat Damaged / Terrible Lie / Discipline / March Of The Pigs / The Frail / Metal / I'm Afraid of Americans / The Becoming / Burn / Gave Up / The Fragile / I Do Not Want This / The Downward Spiral / Wish / Survivalism / Echoplex / The Hand That Feeds / Head Like a Hole / Hurt

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • _tarantism_

    NIN definitely should've closed that show. Jane's Addiction were about as good as the last time I saw them...and they weren't that good then. NIN's live performance is so much better! I'm surprised I stuck it out with Jane's Addiction for as long as I did, considering the rain. And why did NIN have to end their set with "Hurt"? I could've done without that. Overall, they put on a great performance.

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • deviant_dsam

    I didn't even stay for the Jane's Addiction set because it was POURING and I'd already seen NIN. How were they?

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Xanarki

    Great show. It would've been better if NIN played some songs in the total dark, though.

    11 Jun 2009 Reply
  • nervous_brkdown

    Can't go. F M L.

    10 Jun 2009 Reply
  • BettieMorbid

    figured I'd go at the last second..

    9 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Xanarki

    Awesome, it's suppose to rain on Wednesday.

    9 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Xanarki

    This is the closest show to Cleveland. I hope that I can make it.

    7 May 2009 Reply
  • JimXugle

    I blew the last of my savings on this :D Can't wait >.>

    19 Apr 2009 Reply
  • TheKiller_IsMe

    Got me on that one! That is a damn good concert. I guess what I am driving at is that after With Teeth, NIN are generally not as agressive as they used to be in the 90's.

    8 Apr 2009 Reply

    lol, it's all right, speaking of violent NIN shows, I'm tempted to post Woodstock 94 vids...

    7 Apr 2009 Reply
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