• Witchcraft @ Magic Stick, Detroit, MI

    2 Aug 2008, 16:24 by cheesesoda

    After getting lost in Detroit of all places (trust me, that shit's scary), a phone's GPS navigation got us to our final destination. The venue ended up being an upstairs bar/billiards hall area above a bowling alley and restaurant.

    The first act was some random stoner rock band. I forget their name, but they were pretty good. I'm not sure if it was original material, as a lot of stoner rock sounds the same, anymore. They didn't have any merchandise, so I'm thinking they were just a cover band.

    The second act was Dead Child. I had heard them on MySpace, and they didn't sound too bad. They didn't surprise me at the show. Their music just sounded exactly the same song after song. There wasn't really anything to impress, and no solos in their music (at least, significant ones).

    Witchcraft was the third and final act. They were awesome. Their stage presence was pretty damn good. They involved the audience, and that's always fun. They played a song that they hadn't previously played in America. …