• Starlight WTF TPC

    13 Jul 2008, 06:02 by Liquefaction

    Sat 12 Jul – Myspace Secret Show

    Starlight has a fucked up idea of how to make money. It was explained to me that when you have an all ages gig the capacity for a venue is reduced. So this *FREE* all ages event has maybe a total of (max) 50 underagers. That's a generous number. So these underagers are not paying cover, are not paying for beer, and limiting the capacity for paying customers. Not only this but after the show the Starlight kicks everyyyyone out of the bar to get them out. And then after "cleaning up" lets everyone back in. Only everyone is gone. Way to chase away your money Starlight. Too bad - your dj was spinning some good tunes. Would have been good times if there was anyone left to dance to it. Way to fucking go.

    Tokyo Police Club was a'ight. I'm not a superfan so I couldn't tell you what they even played. Good crunchy guitars, but again (as per my previous Starlight event review) I can't see shit in this venue because the stage is so low. …