• Words and guitar along with songs about having a heart.

    30 Sep 2008, 22:29 by enotional

    Mon 29 Sep – The Swell Season, Iron & Wine
    Great show.
    At first i was not expecting much from the Iron and Wine show because I thought Sam Beam was performing by himself. The last time I'd seen Iron and Wine there was an entire band and all the songs sounded so rocking but still pretty. I was hoping to hear that again.
    But he ended up not playing solo.
    He was joined by a member of the Iron and Wine band and their whole set was very intimate. They also seemed to be having fun improvising and playing around with the songs.

    Now for the The Swell Season. As soon as Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova stepped on the stage they crowd went nuts. I don't remember the first song they played but i know the second one was "falling slowly" and it was a very heart-melting performance from many throughout the night. Some highlights of the show were: Glen trying to get the a/c turned off because it was so loud, detailed explanations of the themes and stories behind the songs, Glen machine-gun-strumming like a mad man…