• Excellent concert of Kultur Shock last night in Zagreb

    16 Mar 2008, 13:11 by ruscca

    Sat 15 Mar – Kultur Shock

    I really didn't expect such attendance in OTV dom (nowdays called Boogaloo - which, btw sounds like a really lame name for a club). I think that somewhere around 1500 and 2000 people attended, but I 'm not too accurate in estimating, so the best thing is to avoid numbers and get back to music. To conclude this, let me just add that at the end of concert I had strong associations of Heysel stadium disaster.

    The show started around 10 PM, when we had the opportunity to see Kultur Shock's guest band Electric Eel Shock - hard rock/early heavy metal band consisting of three really funny Japanese guys. The gig really got us excited, since guys are extremely energetic - they played several hard rock hymns that caused head banging mania all over the place :)

    Kultur Shock started playing around 11PM, inciting ecstasy in front rows and choir singing of basically, anyone in the hall. The show could be easily described as a burst of joy - that was coming from the stage…