• Cripple bastards + Warbringer + Suffocation + Napalm death

    29 May 2008, 18:06 by movez

    Ven 23 Mag – Napalm Death, Suffocation, Warbringer

    I'm writing this a gun pointed at my fucking freaked head. The gun is holded by Rodolfo, aka Movez, traditionally more affected by metalism than me. Me is teoxxx, (meet and meat me at www.myspace.com/teoxxx). Movez liked much the concert, exept for a little accident. He said: i go pogo. He returned in a while, a bloody mask. During the concert, he made a point. He said: "here's different, here people care for each other. For example, that big guy over there, he's just hurted me, but apologize for that. Now, this wouldn't happen in a normal place. Metalheads are better." I liked the concert too, but i got a little frigthened because the people looked precisely like those pics i saw in a christian magazine about deviated youngsters. What's wrong with the young these days???????

    Movez takes control.

    That fag is dead.

    Concert = awsome
    Got drunk