Björk Hammersmith Apollo
Monday 14 April 2008

With Björk, Toumani Diabaté and Leila

Past event
Monday 14 April 2008

Hammersmith Apollo

45 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith
London W6 9QH
United Kingdom
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Tel: +44 844 249 1000

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    Hey does anyone know if that slowed down version of Aphexs 'vordhosbn' that leila played was a remix or just a tweaked version? Yep way awesome show btw

    19 Apr 2008 Reply
  • JollyJack

    Still on a high from Monday night. I saw the gig at the Culture park Amsterdam and it was interesting to see how the songs Bjork did then have evolved during the tour. The Wonder Brass joining Bee at the front for Pluto and Declare Independance really got the crowd jumping and was fantasticly relentlessly brilliant. I've been lucky enough to be at a few special Bjork occasions and this was one

    16 Apr 2008 Reply
  • Deceptacon1

    She was amazing! So many highlights i cant pick a favourite, though i loved the euphoric feel to pluto & declare independance, and army of me & hyperballad were just brilliant. We were right down the front & were annoyed by the agressive security who constantly obscured our view while trying to stop people taking photos, it was the only negative thing about a flawless show. I hope she does pagan

    16 Apr 2008 Reply
  • Bijoruku

    Great show I say! I had a perfect spot right in front of the stage! :D

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • greenthought

    Not at all! Where abouts were you?

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • streetspirit81

    Sounds like it was an amazing gig. Gutted I couldn't make it :(

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • CvaldaVessalis

    Excellent show, have written review over on my journal... let me know what you think!!

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • greenthought

    Yeah, All is Full of Love and Bachelorette were both missing for me.

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • mickhead

    I can't believe she didn't do All is full of love. That was a shame. But the rest of it was amazing. I can't believe one of the electronics guys had a tenori-on, I wish I had mine to play along. What was up with that support act, worse than terrible. Also surprised but very very happy she played pluto.

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • greenthought

    I disagree. I thought 'Dull Flame of Desire' was truly amazing. Goosebumps and everything! But yes, grinwithaspin, Innocence didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • beheadtheundead

    Superb! Army of Me, Unravel and Hunter were the set highlights for me, the only bad thing about the show was the person in front of us who got on someone's shoulders during Joga; why I oughta...

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • peterjenkins

    Wow, what an amazing night.

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • bleedinell

    What a voice that woman has - amazing. She is a true original and there was such a feel good atmosphere! Have been finding silver foil in strange places since last night ;-)A wonderful night

    15 Apr 2008 Reply
  • Confessions87

    Anthony was amazing! Best performances were of Wanderlust, Unravel, Pluto, Hyperballad and Declare Independence.

    14 Apr 2008 Reply
  • greenthought

    Anthony Fucking Hegarty!

    14 Apr 2008 Reply
  • luzian

    Violently Happy to see Björk tonight!! <3

    14 Apr 2008 Reply
  • steevc

    Today's the day! Looking forward to a great night. I find it interesting that over 2% of the audience are listed here. Maybe Bjork fans are big users. I've certainly found it useful to alert me of interesting gigs.

    14 Apr 2008 Reply
  • jonnyreeves


    13 Apr 2008 Reply
  • stormscrossing

    anyone got a spare standing ticket for monday they want to swap for one for sunday?

    13 Apr 2008 Reply
  • esbjorn85

    Taking the flight to London tomorrow. My first visit abroad in many years, and first time ever in London/UK. Its gonna be great :D

    12 Apr 2008 Reply
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