• The Man Of Michigan Steals Our Hearts: Sufjan Stevens in Melbourne

    24 Jan 2008, 21:11 by incvd

    Thu 17 Jan – Sufjan Stevens

    There’s barely enough time to order another Corona and lemon between sets when Sufjan Stevens and his band appear onstage. It’s still early – only 9PM – and maybe it’s just me, but the lack of build-up is surprising. I’m used to long, impatient waits as processions of beefy roadies lay cable, plug amps and dead-pan their way through unintentionally comical mic checks. It’s a time-honoured tradition for the concert hall to become a rowdy, energetic waiting room and the bigger the artist, the longer the wait. Sufjan is A-list indie royalty, so I was expecting a torturous build-up of at least one hour.

    Instead, here he is, bounding across the stage and taking up position amongst his nine-piece accompaniment. There’s no ego on display. And in a way it makes sense: for all his eccentricities, Sufjan is down-to-earth and self-effacing and all those other adjectives that describe otherwise normal people that happen to get famous and are enormously talented.
  • That Was the Best Concert Ever! - Sufjan in Melbourne

    21 Jan 2008, 02:00 by inthesky729

    Thu 17 Jan – Sufjan Stevens
    Wed 16 Jan - Sufjan Stevens

    Ok, here's my (no doubt amateurish) review of Sufjan's performances on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Feel free to correct my setlist order, and remind me of any tracks I might have missed.

    I don't think I'll ever see another show as good as these two were, excepting of course if Mr Stevens is inclined to again grace us with his presence at some point in the future. Hopefully the rapturous reception he was greeted with will convince him of our merits as an audience, and he'll make us a regular fixture on his touring schedule.

    Wednesday's show opened with a rousing version of Sister, with Sufjan resplendent in his sailing outfit (floppy hat and reflective vest that must've played havoc with the flashes of all the amateur photographers), led onto the stage by his amazing brass and wind section. I've always loved the contrast of this song, the almost reverse crescendo from ragged electric guitar histrionics to the quiet piano at the end…