Death Grips at Sound Control

Death Grips Sound Control
Tuesday 6 November 2012

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With Wet Nuns

Past event
Tuesday 6 November 2012

Sound Control

1 New Wakefield Street
Manchester M1 5WH
United Kingdom
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  • whitey25

    Paid a tenner, got crushed, got sweaty,had a laugh and saw a good band to top it off. I left happy. Not too picky about the sound wasn't the best but I'm not too fussed.

    11 Nov 2012 Reply
  • csssmooth

    Let's be honest here this gig was only marginally more live than most the performances at the olympic closing ceremony or yr average top of the pops. I was really looking forward to this as had missed Islington Mill then been let down when they did their no show but have rarely been so disappointed by a band, especially one that everyone says put on a great show. No one can doubt Zach's live presence and enthusiastic performance but take that away and there was nothing left but a pre recorded show

    11 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Riseth

    Disappointed too, set was short. Once the set got over half way through Ride even stopped doing anything and just let the backing track take over and shouted the occasional word. Doubt I'll be seeing them again. Although I did laugh at all of the 17 year old white kids wearing the NLDW cover t-shirts.

    9 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Throsh

    Those Bro fists were basically punches to the fist haha, he also gave me a thick lip when he launched himself onto the front row at the start, it was awesome!. I've seen hundreds of metal bands live but I've never been crushed so much before, I had to fight to catch my breath. All good fun!

    8 Nov 2012 Reply
  • TheKingofBring

    I enjoyed it, thought Islington Mill last year was better but still had a good time. Knew it was sold out so expected it to be packed but holy shit, spent basically the whole set crushed at the front with my arms trapped. Did get to bro fist Ride at the start though!

    8 Nov 2012 Reply
  • ThaDukeOfPrunes

    Disappointed. Couldn't even hear Ride half the time, short set. bahhh

    7 Nov 2012 Reply
  • postdrome

    Brilliant, just brilliant the crowd was just great and the energy was insane. Met Zach and Ride afterwards they were so nice (picture with Zach, too, Ride's too reclusive for pictures I suppose). So worth the trip from Birmingham.

    7 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Tamahone

    Was a bit shit like, Hill didn't even have any cymbals on the drum kit because they were on the backing track. Paid to see them perform, not for Stefan to jive and do a karaoke marathon.

    7 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Throsh

    Fucking legendary.

    7 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Swerveaction

    I need a ticket :(

    6 Nov 2012 Reply
  • brado89

    ...can meet outside the venue

    6 Nov 2012 Reply
  • brado89

    2 spare tickets inbox me if you are interested!

    6 Nov 2012 Reply
  • dbparry

    is anyone travelling down from newcastle for this? want to go heaps but can't get back up and FUCK STAYING IN A HOSTEL. :( hit me up at: if you can give me a lift/transport suggestions. I will pay you in money and joints.

    1 Nov 2012 Reply
  • jammy_fred

    Fuck yes, can't wait for this. Let's hope this show makes up for the cancellation last time.

    27 Oct 2012 Reply
  • will-neill

    WHY oh WHY is this on a weekday?

    24 Oct 2012 Reply
  • Riseth

    Travelling up to this gig, anyone driving up from around Wolverhampton by any chance before I book a hotel for the night?

    12 Oct 2012 Reply
  • Bermuda-Summer

    Objectivly bad music exists. BOTDF are an example of that.

    18 Sep 2012 Reply
  • j-pk

    Well, music is one of the most subjective things in the world but I'm certainly entitled to voice my opinion regardless ;)

    12 Sep 2012 Reply
  • j-pk

    @xeMadoka Musically speaking, your friend is doing you a favour. I can only hope you're trolling...

    8 Sep 2012 Reply
  • Ri-pie

    I was all set to go to the original date a while back. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be working this one.

    4 Sep 2012 Reply
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