• It isnt "waiting" for Scott Weiland. Let him piss you off and pick a fight. He is in…

    19 Sep 2012, 12:19 by KimCole79

    Mon 17 Sep – Stone Temple Pilots 20th Anniversary of CORE tour

    Boo away Abbotsford. This Seattle girl was effing giddy the later we stood around, its like a scale he forever balances. The lower the low, you have a high coming (no pun, and pretty much, is this still news? Are we really speculating? Let him live his life, my God). After 20 years if you dont understand what he is doing when he sorta doesnt come out, hangs out, leaves us waiting, is doing who knows for however long, you REALLY think he doesnt care about the show? Might it be part of who he is and its actually ALL about the show? All about the challenge? All about who he is? He comes out. He does his magic, and not a single fucking boo to be had by marker 30. See, I didnt get pissed off. I see him preform enough that I got excited, knowing I was about to watch control in action. I knew Id be watching the master of emotion work a room like a puppet, polarize it, and leave bewilderment in his wake. Yes, its hot. And its rare.