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Jul 14

Let's Play House X Midnight Express with Morgan Geist, Jacques Renault & Eli Escobar

With Morgan Geist, Eli Escobar and Jacques Renault at 285 Kent Ave


Saturday 14 July 2012 at 11:30pm


285 Kent Ave
285 Kent Avenue, New York, 11211, United States

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11:45 p.m.-5 a.m.

Approximately 2 years ago, the cinderblock kingdom now commonly and fittingly referred to as 285 Kent, was gutted and painted, morphing from its previous life as the cluttered Paris London West Nile into a glorious, unobstructed, unventilated white cement dance hall.

Bold yet subdued, Midnight Express, the new and mysterious (and temporary) proprietors of this cement castle, vowed to bring back raving for “cool people”. And thus a raven was sent to Let’s Play House, a steadfast yet vicious duo comprised of editor Nik Mercer and international DJ sensation Jacques Renault. A union was formed.

Amongst others, the opening fanfare was provided by NYC legend Morgan Geist and Jacques Renault himself. Many patrons proclaimed the festivity “the hottest party ever,” although it was not clear if they were speaking literally or figuratively.

Overnight, the new guard ushered in a wave of house, disco, techno, poppers, strobe lights and synthetic fog; a movement that perhaps changed the sonic landscape of the south streets of Kent Avenue briefly if not semi-permanently.

Seasons passed and the festivities perpetuated until one evening the cold fist of the state knocked on the palace door, ending the reign of Midnight Express/Let’s Play House at this particular geographic location. Yet the estate was handed over to a friendly house, a clan more fit to govern, who grants the old guard visitation rights from time to time. Rights have been granted on the 14th of July.

You have been invited to partake in the jamboree, to revisit the genesis of the rave scene that took place in 2010 on Kent Avenue and maybe influenced other streets, other neighborhoods, other nations.

-John Barclay, July 4th, 2012

Entertainment provided by:
Morgan Geist (Metro Area/Storm Queen/Environ)
Jacques Renault (Runaway/DFA/OTP/LPH)
Eli Escobar (Tiki Disco)

Lighting provided by:
Jared Spafford



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