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Jun 17


With Neck, The Van Dams and Monkish at New Cross Inn


Sunday 17 June 2012 at 5:00pm


New Cross Inn
323 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS, United Kingdom


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Polite Riot and the New Cross Inn present....


A six-piece 'Psycho-Ceilídh' band juxtaposing perfectly the swirling, spiritual abandon of authentic Traditional Irish music with the electric energy blast of a full-on, pumped-up-to-fe*k Punk band and in the process, distilling the sound of two other mighty London rebel bands, The Clash & The Pogues, & 'carrying the torch on' with their own, unique London-Irish brew!



After more lineup changes than even the UK Subs (and with the same number of original members remaining), Brad Frugal has decided to try to keep the classic lineup of the band together where possible:
Boris Fecker (2006-present, on and off): Guitar
Snelgers O'Guinness (2006-present, most of the time): Dancing and playing-up
Pob Cavity (2007-present, more comebacks than Frank Sinatra): Guitar
Flimsy (2008-present, The King Blues could get rid of him, we couldn't): Bass
Geoff Leopard (2008-present, when he's not saving lives): Drums
Past Members (some sadly missed, some not so):
Sam Jones, Camp David, Cardboard P. Bedspread, Signor Estos, Vinyl Spatz, Arnie the Laughing Rapist, Lister the Lambrini Monkey, Rob Chester, Joe Hypnol.
There won't be quite as many gigs as before, but when we can get together, expect chaos to reign.
Will 2010 be the year we finally get round to recording our debut album "You Can't Polish A Turd"? Watch this space.
New songs coming soon, including "Born To Play Up", "15 Minutes", and "Morbidly Obese". Come and see us before we die prematurely. It's only a matter of time.



The Van Dams are a London based Punk band who formed on September 11th 2011. After months of rehearsal The Van Dams played their first gig at Dusk Till Dawn (formerly The Archway Tavern) on February 2nd 2012. The band consists of Luc Bulles (Bass) Alex Buchan (Drums) Liam Tegart (Guitar) Paul Loftus (Guitar) and Arran Murphy (Vocals).


ENTRY: £4 ADVANCE (tickets available from www.newcrossinn.com)

20% off all drinks before 8pm.



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