• Lady Gaga.

    10 Sep 2012, 21:02 by Charlottelauren

    Sat 8 Sep – The Born This Way Ball
    I want to type forever about how this show changed my life, gave me hope, inspired me, motivated me, made me feel something, made me feel alive and strong with all the power in the world, right in my hands, but I can't. I cannot because I fear that no words will be good enough. Sometimes such an experience shuns you into absolute silence. I feel as though all the words in the universe have been pulled from my mouth, leaving me to just exhale. It has taken me a few days to even write anything about Gaga's show, it almost feels pointless. Unless you were standing in that crowd, I fear you will never begin to understand. My hero stood infront of me and told me that whoever I was, I was good enough, I was worth it. I am forever in debt to the Monster family. Maybe most people will never understand it, but that is okay with me.