• They got together for a FOOTBALL VIDEO GAME soundtrack?!??!!!

    3 Aug 2007, 07:15 by ejegg

    Thu 2 Aug – Leedz Edutainment presents
    Apparantly Z-Trip and Gift Of Gab were collaborating for the lofty purpose of accompanying fake football players. A giant screen behind the performers played scenes from the game through the opening acts (hey, tom brady's bobbing his head in time with this rapping trustafarian!) Awkward Landing wasn't doing it for me - they had two kids standing behind all sorts of equipment just nodding thier heads and half-heartedly fiddling with stuff.

    Z-Trip was plenty of fun as usual, and played a bunch of his classic mashups - plenty of Run DMC and Aerosmith, Rush, some Queen (Fat Bottom Girls was a high point), the Who. Gift of Gab wasn't on stage long enough - he sang Deception with plenty of Z-Trip interludes and freestyled pretty brilliantly for a while, but soon abandoned the stage to Z-Trip until the encore. I'd never heard of Aceyalone before, but he had a good flow. The two MCs sadly didn't collaborate on anything.