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May 8


With Primitive Weapons, Cult of Youth and 2 more artists at Santos Party House


Sunday 8 May 2011 at 7:00pm


Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St, New York, 10013, United States

Tel: (212) 584-5492


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Nothing could possibly be harder to keep together than a 9-member anarchist punk band, even the responsible and intellectual ones. But with the blessing of his former band mates, Steve Ignorant puts on earth-shattering performances that successful communicate the explosive energy and resonant messages of Crass. The Last Supper tour will be the last undertaking of this kind of Ignorant, and most likely the last time any original Crass member will put on a performance of this kind.

CRASS -- At the time when The Clash was introducing the world to the chops of punk music and the Sex Pistols were perfecting the impudence, Crass were infusing the new genre with a fearless radical ideology that has been felt in music, art, and activism in the decades to come. The project was conceived in 1977 by Steve "Ignorant" Williams and Jeremy John "Peter Rimbaud" Ratter in the Dial House squat that fostered a vibrant avant garde scene. Their informal rehearsals, open to the entire anarchist community, resulted in a first official line-up of 9 members, uniformed in black to prevent the designation of a focal member. The band's sound was startling, shocking, fleet, yet frighteningly cohesive. Brash as their music was, enough that Scotland Yard attempted to raid Dial House, their dedication to their art and DIY methodology was their primary focus, as opposed to the rock and roll debauchery one might expect. For seven years their sounds raged, and on their own Crass Records imprint, home to many anarcho-punk forerunners, they sold millions of records. Their imagery, dadaist and anti-authoritarian, exerted considerable influence via logos and the stencil designs that still crop up on sidewalks and walls throughout the streets of the civilized world.


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