An Evening With The Devin Townsend Project (Ki)


With Devin Townsend Project and Dave McPherson

Past event
Thursday 10 November 2011


Manning Hall, Malet Street
London WC1E 7HY
United Kingdom
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Tel: +44(0)20.7664 2000

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  • TheWarrior123

    Missed the fucking show because of the road being closed then the traffic from that. Worst night of the year so far. [2]

    12 Nov 2011 Reply
  • Redlar1

    Missed the fucking show because of the road being closed then the traffic from that. Worst night of the year so far.

    12 Nov 2011 Reply
  • yhwman

    best gig of the year so far

    11 Nov 2011 Reply
  • StakerSen

    Epic show. Best version of Deep Peace I've ever heard. Even when he's "serious" he's hilarious.

    11 Nov 2011 Reply
  • Senza

    Two very cheap tickets for sale - (£7.50) -

    8 Nov 2011 Reply
  • Sandi_D

    2 tickets available! :) £10 each (no need to buy both) Will post by next day delivery. PM me! x

    8 Nov 2011 Reply
  • Tyroshai

    Support is Dave McPherson- He's announced it on his Facebook page last Friday. :)

    7 Nov 2011 Reply
  • orangesprings

    I am selling a ticket for this show at face value get it quick while it's still on ebay:

    6 Nov 2011 Reply
  • SweetShadow595 Selling two tickets to this...

    3 Nov 2011 Reply
  • El_Mantis

    I've a spare ticket available for this show. Only looking for the original £15 cost for it so send me a PM if anyone wants it and we can arrange something for the day.

    1 Nov 2011 Reply
  • allmatthew

    Due to a miscommunication with a friend when these tickets first went on sale, I should have three tickets available (potentially 4). I've three tickets on my person and my friend is picking up another three at the venue. We'd be willing to sell the picked up three tickets to fans rather than touts. If you're interest (will sell for face value) just send me a message. Cheers

    31 Oct 2011 Reply
  • thejackyl

    I hate that I can't go to these.

    28 Oct 2011 Reply
  • WhatABoringName

    I apologise for posting this in every show's shoutbox but here it goes: I have one spare for the Ki and Ghost show and I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to trade those for those to the Addicted and Deconstruction show (+compensation if necessary, don't know the price differences)? Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    18 Oct 2011 Reply
  • jamiedavid

    Gutted about the venue change :( The ULU looks like a school hall; just boring. Was really looking forward to this being in a venue with character, and the acoustics in churches are fantastic. Certainly would have looked a lot nicer on the DVD.

    6 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Tyroshai

    @orangesprings I've got my Ghost ones. No sign of Ki or the others yet.

    5 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Senza

    Sake, i can't express how much i'd been looking forward to seeing Ki in the Union Chapel. The ULU won't have the same atmosphere at all :( orangesprings - haven't received mine yet.

    5 Oct 2011 Reply
  • orangesprings

    Has anyone got their tickets for the Ki or Ghost shows yet?

    4 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Tyroshai

    The venue's been upgraded to ULU: 'The reason being is that besides a gorgeous venue Union Chapel is also a working church and therefore has strict limits to the decibel levels allowed. After much consideration it´s been agreed upon that this restriction will harm the quality of the show and that is not in line with Devin´s never ending search for perfection. Also beneficial to this is the higher capacity of ULU and therefore the previously sold out show now has new tickets up on sale.'

    3 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Steelhead

    @m0n0kl: well at least I can say I would die to see this, but I'm so damn far. :((( It's so cool you will have the chance to see two intimate albums live; events like these happen once in a lifetime. Ki and Ghost (!!), I still can't believe it. Hope you all enjoy such a unique show! :)

    11 Jul 2011 Reply
  • Tyroshai

    You lot who're still after a ticket, they're being sold again along with VIP packages: I'd say get in there quick, considering how fast the previous allocation sold out. :)

    5 Jul 2011 Reply
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