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Jan 14

兵马司旗下三代乐队集合发声: P.K.14, Carsick Cars & Mr. Graceless

With Carsick Cars, Mr. Graceless and P.K.14 at 愚公移山


Friday 14 January 2011 at 9:00pm


张自忠路3-2号 (3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, GuLou), 北京, China


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当兵马司旗下代表中国新摇滚乐的“老、中、青”三代乐队相遇,无论回味、思考亦或是期盼,总有一种你想要的情绪、总有一股属于你的力量将把你牢牢抓住。静默的呼吸,恣意的发声。P.K.14、Carsick Cars、Mr. Graceless,三种不同的青春在一个时刻迸发,这光亮必将划破夜的黑!

沉默、低调的P.K.14乐队,在半年的蛰伏之后,即将再次出现在舞台上,阔别已久的重逢等待着你新的期盼。备受瞩目的Carsick Cars新阵容,在令人惊喜的首演之后再度袭来,依旧you can listen you can talk。随之而来的是“愈演愈烈”的Mr.Graceless。不优雅先生们以奇怪的优雅敲开了一扇扇心门。作为第六代新声乐队,他们温暖的旋律与纯粹的歌声,混合着对青春的疑惑和小感伤,让乐队的每一次亮相都奏出充满爱的青春之歌。


Youth is a low roar, a contradictory struggle. It is a burning meteor in the sky.

Youth is a free bird, the desire to love, perplexed laughter.

When the three bands of Maybe Mars which respectively representing the three generations of the new Chinese rock meet, no matter retrospection, pondering or expectation, there’s always gonna be an emotion you want or the power you belong. Quiet breath, or unbridled sound. P.K.14, Carsick Cars and Mr.Graceless, three different expressions of youth will blast out at the same time. This exciting musical thunder will certainly break the darkness of winter nights!

Revered and highly-influential band P.K.14, after a half-year hiatus, will appear on stage again. Compelling new Carsick Cars will strike again after their breathtaking premiere. “You Can Listen You Can Talk” as before. And the accompanying band will be Mr.Graceless, who have been turning heads and playing to larger crowds of fans for almost a year now. This young band knocks on people’s hearts by virtue of their sophisticated and fresh sound. As one of the Generation 6 bands, their warm melodies and pure singing speak to the doubts and melancholy of youth. Each of their shows is a tribute song to youth as well as love.

Maybe Mars’ most distinguished and respected bands, along with the promising young band are going to present a fantastic show for you filled with thinking, courage and love. Don’t miss this one!

Tickets: Rmb 100/70 (presale)


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