• G I G S

    29 Nov 2007, 19:45 by AoiTsuki

  • The Adventures of Mayu, Naoki & Toru: Part 1

    5 Aug 2007, 16:34 by Rexy666

    this blog/journal is part of three, which will be an all over summary of my trip to Germany to see Miyavi and then my stay there before going back home to watch Dir en grey on the 1st& 2ndof August.
    Where it all began
    Okay so it all began on a Thursday, a day I had never been so happy to wait for, Emma was travelling down to my place to stay the night in preparation for our flight the following day. On arrival we spazzed, ate bacon and she spilt tea everywhere! XD after a mothers farewell final roast dinner we made sure we packed everything we needed and got to having an early night. Well…sort of early…haha Emma couldn't sleep because every time she opened her eyes she saw my door (on it there is the 'Miyabi' Kanji and MYV under it) so thus she couldn't sleep all to well.

    Maya from LM.C screamed in to my ear-hole at some ungodly hour of the morning to wake us up and thus began morning faffing (flailing and rushing around frantically)…
  • Sugoi!

    4 Aug 2007, 14:45 by Alpha666

    Thu 2 Aug – Dir en grey
    They were so amazing, really good live, best concert everrr.
    Can't belive I got to see them :3
    I signed the fan book thing too ^__^
    Kyo put on a great show, with his half nakedness and blood spitting :D rofl.
  • Great Gig

    3 Aug 2007, 09:20 by otakuduo

    Thu 2 Aug – Dir en grey

    Started off late and the support act wasn't my taste but once Dir en Gray got up the rest was forgotten. Well worth the hour in the queue.