Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Troxy


With Dead Rat Orchestra

Past event
Monday 13 December 2010


490 Commercial Road
London E1 0HX
United Kingdom
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Tel: 0808 1393 989
Web: www.troxy.co.uk/

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  • _tunic_

    sorry guys, thought I did record this show, but due to operator error there was nothing. Please share your source on the LMA if you have it: http://www.archive.org/details/GodspeedYouBlackEmperor I was seated in the restricted view section (block D row A). Didn't see much, but thought the sound was excellent.

    16 Dec 2010 Reply
  • cjscrisis

    @kryptonite22 I was the douche-nossle with the hat standing behind you!! Did you see the melt marks on some of that projection film? That guys was just as talented as the band I thought! Sod that job in the dark!

    15 Dec 2010 Reply
  • rleonardmiller

    These halls aren't controlled environments, you're going to get noisy staff and sound issues depending on where you stand. I thought it was amazing and the projections sublime.

    15 Dec 2010 Reply
  • dejaser

    Review of the night here: http://keepitlikeasecretblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/gig-review-godspeed-you-black-emperor.html I was stood in a similar location to reg603 where the sound seemed pretty good; I think they'll sound even better for the remaining nights though.

    15 Dec 2010 Reply
  • djones655321

    Yeah, projectionist was my favourite element too. And I'd also like a bootleg, bass/drum issues or not...

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • kryptonite22

    i was near the projectionist and it was actually quite interesting to spend a bit of time watching him too, he did such a great job, even cutting and taping a lot of the film as he went along. the sound quality i didnt think was that bad, although obviously itll be better tonight and tomorrow. im just pleased they finished with bbf3. great way to round it off.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • turkeyphant

    Anyone know the best place to get a bootleg from?

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • reg6031769

    I know what you mean about the sound, guys, but after a while I got used to it. I was right at the front though, just to the right of the centre, so a good place to be acoustically. I am surprised no one has actually mentioned how much it sucked that Dead Rat Orchestra had such a short set! I could have stood a lot more of their stuff, but I guess it just wasn't possible.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • solid

    i was a bit disappointed too tbh, mind you it wasn't a rubbish gig kind of disappointment - it was actually good but i think i was expecting mindblowing. was kinda relieved to see the comments on the sound cause all my mates were like 'best gig ever' and the first half or so (until halfway through albanian i think) was nothing special imo. the latter half was actually pretty good but it all got kinda subdued by the sound. it would be awesome if it was all a notch louder (i think i might've enjoyed the second half better due to it being slightly louder actually) and the drums sounded a bit rubbish (not the drumming, but the drums). but yeah, all in all it was great to see them play after waiting for years and years, would be tempted to go again today/tomorrow as i think the sound might be better but it's a bit pricey and i hated the venue (sound, expensive poncy bar and this piece of paper on the entrance saying chewing gum and beverages are not allowed. whut?)

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • cackhandedchimp

    I went to this gig having not listened to Godspeed for a long long time. Maybe it was my unfamiliarity with a lot of their climaxes but I found them quite indistinct and just a huge noise without much to differentiate between climaxes and individual instruments. After 2 hours of this I was starting to feel slightly impatient and I needed to sit down! Having said that, I do feel the urge to pick up a ticket that will inevitably pop up on here for tonight's show and probably tomorrow's show too.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Gravy_14

    Cor winge, winge, winge. Are you people aware you witnessed Gods pee last night?! Jeez.....granted I was sceptical about the venue choice but made sure i got down the front nice and early, which actually served as a 'sound bowl' given that the stading tier above it was six flight of stais up. I found the sound quality more rewarding than at minehead, it was louder (in a good way) and the ryhthm section was just superb. They played with more freedom and were clearly a tighter unit. Gig of the year? Most certainly. Set list ran as ambienty intro, storm, moheim, albanian, static, providence, rocket falls, BBF3.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • OwainTreharne

    Very good gig, but I'm still leaning towards Sunday at ATP as the definitive one

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • jonfrost43

    a word on last night's gig http://beginningsland.com/godspeed-at-the-troxy/

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Shogun33

    The Troxy is a bad venue, i was really disappointed, i remembered why i told myself not to buy tickets for gigs there. If you are a bit at the back (i was by the projectionnist) i could not see the band at all and part of the screens because the stage is not high enough and there is no slope (and i am 6 feet tall !). A fair amount of people were just sitting down (and some even left !) once they realised the wall of people that was separating them from the stage would just not allow them to see anything. This was very frustrating. On top of that the bar was outrageously expensive (3.5 for half a pint of becks/stella, Seriously ??) and the fact that they only had glass bottles meant that every time Godspeed would start to build up the sound, we would hear both bars on the side throwing the glass bottles in the bins. Please ATP, next time, Brixton/Hammersmith/Roundhouse/Koko/Forum, but not the Troxy.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • theDPRK

    the best experience

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • maryan_02

    One of these gig I'm going to remember...

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Phage

    Totally stunning! At least as good as at ATP. Sound was v.good where I was, first tier of the standing by the mixing desk.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • x47

    Seriously bad-ass. I didn't really mind the sound so much, I thought the bass worked quite well from where I was standing. The performance itself was incredible, I never realized how tight Godspeed are. I was expecting them to be endearingly sloppy.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • mrquello

    Did anyone else had problems in fully enjoying the show because of the bad mixed basses? They were kinds of BOOM BOOM like they shouldn't have sound, in the second half of the show they were a bit lowered but the problems had not totally disappeared, also the same problem was with the central drum. I hope someone at troxy will do something to fix that problem: they have to get the basses lower and the violin higher and higher and higher, in the noisy parts it wasn't almost heard. Luckily the sound for the 3 guitars was just perfect, the sensations caused by them during and at the end of the show cannot be easily descrived.

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • h2t


    14 Dec 2010 Reply
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