• 30 years

    8 Jun 2011, 20:51 by th00ht

    Tue 7 Jun – The Wall Live
    Although this is not Pink Floyd, 30 years have left but a small dent in the performance quality and impact of Pink Floyd/Roger Waters' The Wall. Featuring the original animations blended borderlessly with 21th century 3D animations this show hasn't lost it's impact in any way. Perhaps not (only) for the music or (only) for the vocals this show is a must see if not to watch Rogers' joy of playing. Neighbouring visitors blamed Roger Waters for his lack of subtlety. Firing a machine gun at the audience as well as charging CHF50 for a t-shirt is indeed not very subtle.

    Mr. Waters was never good on vocals so he hired a backup-vocal band of 6 singers to step in, quite adequately were he had to let go. There are two amazing and more than worthwhile feats to this concert. One, a quadrophonic listening experience. Which band can keep up with that? And two, an absolutely flabbergasting video-projection. Here one can see what technologically changed the last 30 years. …