• The Wall Philly

    9 Nov 2010, 23:59 by DannabisAx

    Mon 8 Nov – The Wall Live

    The place was packed, sold out or nearly sold out. The set was huge and the crowd was rowdy and fun. It got started pretty much on time. I had floor seats in the middle by the sound guy, BEST SEATS in the house. I could see the stage clearly and was not too close to the speakers. The huge puppets were really a treat, three different puppets were used, the teacher, big momma, and the girlfriend/wife. The first two had light up eyes and the wife had a neon mouth.

    Shirts went for 40$-50$ for adult sizes and 25$ish for youth. Anything XL or XXL was 5$ extra.
    They sold a hoodie for 65$. Hats and key chains were also available.

    The Wells Fargo center's (yes, it has been renamed again) food services were taken care of by Aramark, a huge company which had also provided mediocre food for one of the colleges I've attended.
    Beer went for 8.50$ for a 16oz and 11.50$ for a 24oz.
    Popcorn was 5$ for a box. Water ices were also sold but I didn't catch the prices.