Dan Deacon with special guest Ed Schrader


With Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader

Past event
Saturday 3 April 2010

Underground Cafe

Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh
United States
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It’s happening. Outside.
Here: http://tinyurl.com/cmumall

From last.fm:
Dan Deacon (born 1981) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based electronic music composer/performer. He attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in Purchase, New York, where he played in many bands, including tuba for Langhorne Slim and guitar in the improvisational grindcore band Rated R. He completed his graduate studies in electro-acoustic and computer music composition. He studied under composer/conductor Joel Thome. Currently, he lives at Wham City in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dan Deacon’s compositional style is best classified in the future shock genre along with videohippos, Santa Dads, Blood Baby, Ecstatic Sunshine, Ponytail, and other bands in the growing Baltimore music scene. In February 2008 Deacon performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Dan Deacon

Ed Schrader

Carnegie Mellon University
Outside on The Mall (between Baker and Doherty)
Rain Location: The Underground (capacity limited)
Saturday, April 3
9:00 PM

Funded by your student activities fee. Presented by AB Coffeehouse.
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  • jrsouthard

    yeah for pitt

    31 Mar 2010 Reply
  • kevin143

    Thanks for booking this... glad that CMU gets two really good bands every year, my school gets a bad pop-punk/rock/pop band and an ok hip-hop group every year. Though I guess Nas was pretty good.

    30 Mar 2010 Reply
  • frontiersunrise

    oh well, i think people will figure it out

    30 Mar 2010 Reply
  • bananaanna14014

    so the only way i can change the "venue location" is to flag it and say the event has moved to www.cmu.edu. i did that but i bet if alot of people do it the information will change quicker.

    30 Mar 2010 Reply
  • frontiersunrise

    Also, could the creator of the event kindly change the venue/ event information? We usually don't like to advertise shows until they are official, but news of this one must have leaked.

    29 Mar 2010 Reply
  • frontiersunrise

    Here's the truth: Carnegie Mellon University Outside on The Mall (between Baker and Doherty) Rain Location: The Underground (capacity limited) Saturday, April 3 9:00 PM FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC check it out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=108367845859360&ref=nf -AB Coffeehouse

    29 Mar 2010 Reply
  • kevin143

    So Ben, you're saying this isn't fake?

    29 Mar 2010 Reply
  • Benuuu

    there should be updates on this show today or tomorrow.

    29 Mar 2010 Reply
  • kevin143

    Probably fake, but CMU does get a good electronic show each year...

    28 Mar 2010 Reply
  • jubjubxbird

    I'm thinking this is fake guys. I'm a cmu student and I've seen no evidence of this show existing anywhere and I'd think there'd be atleast some flyers around if this were real considering the date is in a week.

    27 Mar 2010 Reply
  • jubjubxbird

    seriously... is this real??

    27 Mar 2010 Reply
  • maliabadi

    where is the underground cafe??

    25 Mar 2010 Reply
  • JHawrylak

    iirc The Underground cafe is one of the on-campus CMU dining halls or what have you. I'm thinking this is false. It is possible that CMU booked him though, never know. Venue seems unlikely for a Deacon show, though

    24 Mar 2010 Reply
  • spencemoney

    its not on his myspace, no idea where this venue is

    24 Mar 2010 Reply
  • bluecadet

    never heard of this place, not over 21 right?

    24 Mar 2010 Reply
  • elemntrypenguin

    glory glory halleluiah.

    23 Mar 2010 Reply
  • CtheMC

    is this a real thing?

    23 Mar 2010 Reply

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