• With Love From Belgium

    2 Mar 2010, 16:09 by NeoGeisha

    Mon 1 Mar – 30 Seconds to Mars, LostAlone, Street Drum Corps

    30 Seconds To Mars in Belgium, finally. Their very first album (and no TMF, that’s not A Beautiful Lie) was a true piece of geniality which is why I took interest. While A Beautiful Lie (ABL) and This Is War are still good, but they could not reach the same level. So together with all the others who think Jared Leto is soooooooo hot, I waited for the magic to show up.

    When attending a concert, one should always count on endless support acts to warm up the audience. Unfortunately it’s only seldom a fan of the headliner is really interested in the support and it’s even more rare that the support is so good one’s blown away by them. This was absolutely the case for LostAlone. It’s standard for supports to have a bad sound – that I can live with, how big a pity I think it is. However, if you come up with chaotic stuff like the U.K. band LostAlone, there’s nowhere to hide. A singer that desperately needs to learn how to work the mike…