Regina Spektor at Hammersmith Apollo

Regina Spektor Hammersmith Apollo
Friday 4 December 2009

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With Jenny Owen Youngs

Past event
Friday 4 December 2009

Hammersmith Apollo

45 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith
London W6 9QH
United Kingdom
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Tel: +44 844 249 1000

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  • zonalGman92

    The gig was excellent for me as I'm so totally in love with JOY & Regina's work. I saw Jenny down near the front and fate would have it that I could not get back to my mate who was near the front waiting 4 me. But I had a great time dancing & singing along with everyone else about two thirds of the way back and fones/cameras didn't bug me back there. I wish she'd have played earlier work too (like trax from "Songs/11:11/Soviet Kitsch"), but you could check it out on respektonline what the set list would likely be. She was promoting "Far" on this tour so it was best(imo) to be familiar with that album for max enjoyment. I just loved the whole gig. =)

    18 Dec 2009 Reply
  • OllieMonaghan

    Nah, it's all good :) I think that was us, centre middle crowd ? Obviously you've got to stay silent throughout samson + ode to divorce though.

    13 Dec 2009 Reply
  • Ephedrinne

    Fair enough, haha. Just to clear things up a bit... I didn't mean to suggest I'm more of a Regina fan than anyone who talked louder than me. I probably wouldn't care about people waving their cameras and phones in front of me either, if I weren't such a midget. And I'm glad you had a good time, because so did I :)

    11 Dec 2009 Reply
  • OllieMonaghan

    @ Ephedrinne - I think that was me mate. Sorry, but it's called having a good time. Doesn't mean you appreciate her music anymore than I do.

    11 Dec 2009 Reply
  • jaz_shambles

    she was really good but I wish she'd played more older stuff, mainly because I haven't heard her latest album yet! She was fantastic though, and so cute <3

    6 Dec 2009 Reply
  • KerorinChan

    An absolutely amazing preformance! Her voice was perfect. She did so many different songs and everyone was singing along. I can't wait to see her again!

    6 Dec 2009 Reply
  • Ephedrinne

    Oh yes, it was absolutely amazing ... especially when occasionally the crowd kindly decided to shut up for a while and I could actually hear something. I don't get why people even bother going to concerts if they just wanna chat with their friends and wave their bloody phones taking loads of identical pictures rather than to umm, I don't know, enjoy the music maybe? Okay, perhaps that's a bit of a 'silly generalisation' (oh my, I just loved that acapella song about eye colour generalisations, haha) and a slight exaggeration, nevertheless the attitude of the audience was a bit disappointing. Regina was absolutely amazing though, despite some minor technical issues and stuff. It was so lovely to hear 'Us', my favourite song by Regina at the moment, and it was nice to hear most of the audience singing along :) Jenny Owen Youngs was good, too.

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • sugarfuss

    it was beautiful.

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • Devronius

    Good gig eh?

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • wowbaggerfan

    Sensational performance. Her voice was spot-on, she filled the house with warmth and love.

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • skip139

    Regina was amazing last night! I'll definitely be seeing her again.

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • SamuelEllmer

    Hope it was an awesome gig! Can't believe I couldn't make it :(

    5 Dec 2009 Reply
  • LEtranger-amant

    Spare seated ticket for tonight if anyone is still looking?

    4 Dec 2009 Reply
  • Trendall

    Hey, if anybody has a spare ticket for the standing up bit at the front, please drop us an e-mail at I've got a couple of friends going to this, and I'd love to go along. If I could get a ticket for a not silly price, it would be much appreciated. Cheers

    2 Dec 2009 Reply
  • mad-hatter-84

    Hey! I have one spare ticket (standing). If you're interested, we could meet sometime Friday before the gig. It's yours for 25. If you're interested email me at or send me a text message: 004917680108012 (German number).

    2 Dec 2009 Reply
  • jetsetdrive

    can't wait

    2 Dec 2009 Reply
  • LEtranger-amant

    Not 100% sure but I may have a spare ticket for Friday. Waiting to hear back from a friend. It is a seated ticket. If it is spare, I will let it go to someone here for face value. Drop me a line here if you are interested. Hopefully will know in the next 24 hours.

    1 Dec 2009 Reply
  • belladonnae

    guys pls send me a message who got a spare ticket thanks

    1 Dec 2009 Reply
  • SunsetTree

    I have a spare seated ticket - give me a shout at if you're interested :-)

    30 Nov 2009 Reply
  • belladonnae or pls lemme no if anyone got tickets willin to sell thanks

    29 Nov 2009 Reply
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