• Blue October - The gold-standard for $29 tickets!

    31 Jul 2009, 21:07 by ianshaw

    Mon 27 Jul – Crazy Making Tour

    I think I've written enough reviews of Blue October. If I wrote another it would use the same glowing words that I always use to describe the band. So, instead, I'll add this: after watching the show on Monday at the Fillmore, it is clear that Blue October is not only one of the best acts I've seen, but they are the most consistent! Their show at the Fillmore was, as always, spot on! The sound was nearly perfect with wonderful separation and clarity- the music was artfully performed - and Justin Furstenfeld did such a perfect job selling them, you'd think he actually cared about his lyrics!!!! It was just fantastic!

    My only complaint . . . .they didn't play "X Amount of Words." But, instead, they played a set full of fan favorites! Maybe 3 songs off the new album and all the good stuff from their old albums. It was a show for the true fan! They did a lengthy acoustic set that was magical and, perhaps…