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  • related tags: vegetarian [2]
  • related tags: vegetarian
  • this tag was made for bob dylan
  • amzin tag
  • Don't bother mentioning the irony in NME labelling things "pretentious".
  • I love the Decemberists, but I think it's hilarious how they're the background photo for the definition.
  • Where is Radiohead?
  • lol it's surprising to see Aguilera here. :O
  • What a silly tag. Must use it
  • More people need to use this tag.
  • Related tags: vegetarian
  • Tool are not pretentious. They are crap. Plus, I have not met a Tool fan that does not suffer from even the slightest retardation.
  • Where's !!!?
  • How'd ya spell pretentious? Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
  • just want to shout out to Bibio for his new track Pretentious. You Pretend That You Pretend!! You dont Know that you Know that you dont Know :)
  • Needs moar Lil B, and anything in which majority of the fans are devils advocates.
  • Radiohead must be here. Pretentious wankery.
  • What's pretentious about nobuo uematsu? :/
  • lol these bands are often not as pretentious as their fans! [2]
  • Definitely Tool...also add Radiohead to the list.
  • 98% of the existing bands should be tagged this.
  • not every noise or drone...only the cocky metal based one
  • Can someone redirect this to "close-minded hamfisted rock criticism"? I'd do it myself but I'm not good with the markup.
  • this tag was made for bob dylan
  • tool (5999)
  • Tool.
  • Jstar?
  • Needs more progressive, post-rock and harsh noise.
  • where's tool
  • lol these bands are often not as pretentious as their fans!

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