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  • This genre is completely perfect
  • it was good before hipsters came
  • old release, almost all of the tracks, a complete shit, but, maybe you hear something interesting in this recordings, i hope so and of course a free download!
  • independent folks
  • god bless indie folk :3
  • This tag doesn't make any sense.
  • god save indie folk :3
  • whatever the genre is, just enjoy it, it is not you make the music, it's them, why are you guys getting busy with that? hahaha LOL
  • Pessoal, não quero ser chato, mas, minha banda daqui da região metropolitana (canoas) tá concorrendo à uma viagem pra tocar em um festival em SP, e isso seria MUITO MASSA pra nós, é super importante, quem quiser votar em nós e escutar nosso som, tá aqui o link agradeço de coração a quem nos ajudar!
  • Mumford & Sons as INDIE folk? Yeah right, and I'm 3-legged horse.
  • lol Mumford & Sons, you must be fucking kidding me
  • In case you want to discover new indiefolk bands, I'm currently streaming some tunes on Grooveshark. Come and take a look :)!/sebas_ff/broadcast
  • >Mumford and Sons Kill me now
  • [artist]一ノ宮頼子[/artist] will change your life.
  • Check this out, kind of similar to Kings Of Convenience:
  • >Mumford & Sons Pffffffffffhuhahahahh
  • If you like cocorosie?
  • "Mumford and Sons". Oh dear god no.
  • I like this
  • группа посвященная "slow club" вконтакте!!! -
  • enak beroooooo :)
  • what shit genre name,almost as bad as chillwave
  • Me, myself, mine.. Great genre...
  • hey! :) this is a [url=]video[/url] I shot on a beautiful beach in Greece, and this is just my guitar and the sound of the sea :) hope you like it!
  • meow
  • Have a listen to psychedelic lo-fi folk rock :)
  • Cult Party is the music of Leo Robinson, a teenager from England with a Tascam 4-track and a lot of spare time. check it out thanks! x
  • Yeah but Neofolk is just a bunch of Nazis who've read too much Neitzche [2]
  • Yeah but Neofolk is just a bunch of Nazis who've read too much Neitzche
  • For, Words from the latest Keston Cobblers' Release "One" -
  • My hipster sense is tingling... Ahh just kidding. It is nice that we can find out indie music easier and support ``unknow´´ artists. But I really hope that people won`t just conversate in this shoutbox whether some artist is inde or overpopular.
  • spotify playlist... "indie folk"
  • It would be great if this tag could be separated between 'new weird america' and 'new wave of british folk'.
  • Wish there was a better name for this genre. [2]
  • Wish there was a better name for this genre. But awesome music!
  • :D
  • @brbarboza They can't suck more than you ;)
  • im new in folk if u have great bands in mind plz message me :)
  • yawn
  • This is the most pretentious-sounding tag name ever, but the music is good.
  • Yes, this is a self-promotion. Truthfulness is what I aim for with my music as well, so: [artist]Bruno Marra[/artist] Have a good day!
  • so do you, miss brb.
  • Mumford and Sons really sucks.
  • Here are three good "indie folk" iMixes from iTunes, a really good introduction to the genre: INDIE FOLK VOLUME 1 INDIE FOLK VOLUME 2 INDIE FOLK VOLUME 3
  • Granted, their live versions often become more "power folk" or "folk rock."


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