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  • Dancing to this is crazy
  • I'll second the thanks.
  • discover psychill music @ :)
  • Thankx again for the mp3's , lastfm!!
  • Thank you once again Lastfm for the most fantasic & incredible tuneage!!
  • Trance ,dance ,romance & all that kind nice stuff!!
  • great!
  • it's just everybody fix in, u can't describe it u just can feel it^^
  • Goa ist geil.....
  • Add to friends and lets connect here on LastFM
  • ok i have changed my lifestyle
  • The New Goa / Psy / Trance Album "The Flight Through Time And Places" With RiWe is now released and are available as FREE Full Length Promo and FREE download here:
  • @Bloodwerk: IM started as goa in mid-90s. So their first albums are goa.
  • @Bloodwerk: I wouldn't exactly say that Infected Mushroom is traditional goa, but goa they are.
  • Infected Mushroom!!!! best :p
  • Yo
  • goalllll
  • @SmilingDrowzee :interesting..good combination,and you gave it an effort. :)
  • I saw you like goa/psytrance, you might like my new Psytrance/rock hybrid to: [artist]Space Arcadium[/artist] . Featuring: [track artist=Space Arcadium]Jesus Was a Mushroom[/track] [track artist=Space Arcadium]Three Wishes[/track] [track artist=Space Arcadium]Montezuma[/track] and more.. free downloads are available on the artist page on or download the debut album here:
  • Infected Mushroom, Talamasca and 1200 Mics are top artists? Seriously? Should be Pleiadians, Cosmosis and Dimension 5 up there... The real top.
  • Why I actually came here was to find out what is the origin of the name 'goa', but I didnt. If you can tell me post on my shoutbox thanks
  • You are now in the grasp of the Controller!! Dex - Controller - 2010
  • Does somebody know a link to a blog or sth like that were i can download some Tunes?
  • As much as I love Infected Mushroom, they are not Goa. [4] But! IM was created some goa-trance pieces, such as "Tsunami" or "From Fullmoon To Sunrise" or "A psychedelic trip", this tracks sounds like an oldschool-goa. And you can not say, that IM never made goa. If you not believe me, look for the some Infected's unreleased pieces. Sorry for bad English.
  • LUV IT♥
  • <3
  • Suddenly - the best type of music.
  • Looking for the track... I've heard it only once)) It has some strange lyrics, performed by a girl. Something like "I'm feeling sensations climbing counter clockwise" or something. Can anybody help?
  • give it some goa which doesn't contains cheesy modulation sounds?
  • Have been listening and studying this genre for about a year now. Seems to me that I'm turning out to be a "morning goa" lover. Someone out there said like anything oldschool would be kind of morning as being foremost uplifting. Now, IMHO only psytrance that adheres to a reasonable extent to the rules and the spirit of oldschool goa should be tagged goa at all. Anyone like to tell me what they think about my playlist (requests) ? Its a work in progress.
  • Can someone hook me up with some good goa tunes ?
  • I´ll have to agree here...Infected, Talamasca...are not Goa...
  • As much as I love Infected Mushroom, they are not Goa. [3]
  • Top artists is a shame. Old Astral Projection, Juno Reactor and Hallucinogen only have something to do with goa. The rest is a total disinformation. Infected Mushroom never produced goa trance, so as the rest.
  • check out !! [url=] Dezolacja - Giacomo Jacques Girolamo Casanova (mp3) [/url]
  • Goa is hot. And humid.
  • IM is 604?
  • As much as I love Infected Mushroom, they are not Goa. [2]
  • As much as I love Infected Mushroom, they are not Goa.
  • TranceBlog: «В целом, музыкальная сцена растет, всё больше и больше, и всё больше людей увлекаются электронной музыкой. считаю, что электронная музыка приблизилась по популярности к таким жанрам, как джаз и рок» (с) Tiesto
  • eric clapton is goa lol
  • Infected Mushroom=goa? hahaha
  • Присоединяйтесь к Ukraine Psychedelic Trance: Под эту музыку можно: медитировать, танцевать, размышлять.
  • What's up with Nirvana and Jimmy Eat World in the "Recently Added" section? Makes no sense.
  • meine name ist garfield, ja! ja the best :D
  • Goa goa mpu, ja?
  • The best music over the world ,my full moon mind Goa party any times. Philxtrm


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