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  • Worst. Shoutbox. Ever.
  • \/ ACTUALLY, Epic as a noun and refers to a long, poetic tale, often about a hero (example being Homer's epic, the Iliad). Epic as an adjective can refer both to something pertaining to an epic, OR to something that has a phenomenal, impressive stature or magnitude. Epic isn't always specific to that one context. Though I do agree about it being overused (and misused) by teenagers.
  • ACTUALLY, epic means something that is long, poetic, and often about a hero. So you all sound like knobs arguing about what is or isn't epic - a word that is completely over used by ignorant teenagers who use it to deacribe anything that is cool, scary, funny, fast, stupid, or sweet to name a few adjectives they replace with epic. It always seems to be used by people who don't even know what it means to begin with. "epic metal" is just another gay tag some idiot created (ie: electro-porn-I'm-a-fag-blackened-death-thrashcore) so he could sound educated, but really just spuds like an idiot. the fact that we even humor these genres makes us all look like idiots too. that's why people don't take metal heads seriously... Gay tags like this. It's fucking metal.... Why can't we just call it metal... Why does every single band need it's own genre?
  • Nile not epic? Hardly. Annihilation of the Wicked? Von unaussprechlichen Kulten? Unas the Slayer of the Gods? Should i even continue?
  • @Plummad Nile are epic too. The word epic means historic and Nile are singing for Egyptian mythology and Egyptian historical EVENTS :)
  • LOL Debauchery big LOL.
  • Caducity!
  • LOL @ Wonderglue
  • Slipknot should be here.
  • yeah. I would disagree saying Nile are Epic. I mean, in terms of using epic as a term to describe "great" Nile are indeed...but in terms of reference to this genre, no they are not. Ex Deo, Hollenthon, Inactive Messiah, Nightfall...most things from Greece go here :P

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