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  • weiw
  • fav
  • tensotensoq, CygnosiC
  • they use the same filter so no. its because they have no talent
  • is there no dark electro artist whose voice is different from the rest? jfc
  • one more fav genre
  • Ritual Nights Party Poland:
  • УГ на ГЛАГНЕ!!11
  • Follow and support us!
  • I think Siva Six should be amongst the top artist. To include Blexnoide. That's whats up.
  • Listen to free streaming Dark Electro music, 24/7 at Shadows Radio :
  • friendly reminder: [artist]Project Pitchfork[/artist]'s latest album 'BLOOD' is fucking awesome and YOU should check it out. Start with Blood-Moon, Blood-Pressure & Blood-Stained.
  • doom/electronic from SoCal:
  • Schaut euch unser neues Video auf youtube an! STURTZFREQUENZ - MEIN LEBEN
  • #degradated_industrial
  • херь какая-та, ничего тру !
  • A BlutEngel pic under this genre tag, hahahahahahahahahahaha !!! *rolls eyes*
  • read about us on our official website and for most recent updates subscribe to us on facebook and youtube. our latest release is available only on bandcamp
  • The fuck are Industrial bands doing here? Darkwave is not a place for William Control, and I seem to have stumbled into another genre tag that sounds nothing like Noir.
  • Evanescence is everywhere... :/
  • Kausemus will release a new album called "Pinta" this year! Previous albums can be downloaded for free from . Dark, experimental, jazzy, ritualistic stuff with unusual occasional drumbeats and haunting tenor saxophones.
  • Мир тёмной музыки
  • Full length release from The Backwards Funeral now available. Low priced so that even the penny pinchers may find interest.
  • People need to learn to distinguish between Aggrotech & TBM versus Dark Electro & Electro-Industrial.
  • No, it's not EBM. EBM is a totally different genre. [2] And for fuck's sake, NO! Combichrist, Nachtmahr and Aesthetic Perfection are NOT fucking Dark Electro!!! Dark Electro = yelworC, Placebo Effect and early (instrumental) Hocico.
  • If you are interested in breakstep/drum and bass like dark waves :
  • salut a tous! nouveau groupe elektro indus : Resistent Project
  • Tell me if I am correct. Aggrotech and Harsh EBM, etc are on the more dance-oriented side, while Dark Electro is much less about the dance floor. Hell, I have been making this kind of music for years and I really am not even sure haha.
  • From Mexico Here Hocico!!!
  • EBM music from Dark Nexus
  • russian post-industrial formation:
  • podrian dar las gracias a front 242 y nitzzer eeb que son los propulsores del ebm en su total pureza ,de ahy en adelante terminos como electro dark y todos los demas adios.escuchen unter null .................
  • Dark electro its EBM !?
  • The Cure...Dark Electro??? Wha???.....-- v--_
  • I like hearing how people give a shit about what its called more than what it is.
  • Hocico is the supreme ruler of this genre...
  • There's a new name for this music every week. It's all great, though.
  • G.A.N. 665+1
  • ох люблю =* [2]
  • Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes, Combichrist<3333


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