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El Breakcore es un estilo musical de hardcore electrónico cuya base son los breaks, muy relaccionado con el industrial up-tempo. Se caracteriza por tener una estructura no lineal, al estilo del drum & bass, pero con ritmos aún más variables y frenéticos, bombos potentes y distorsionados (aunque no es condición indispensable) y una profusión de riffs de todo tipo.
Breakcore es vagamente definido el estilo de música…

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  • The way i see Breakcore is like it's the "Classical" of Electronic music. I mean, it has got two kinds of melodies: the normal melodic elements and the BREAKS! And, i don't know... sometimes when i listen to well-programmed breakcore music it feels like it's really intelligent/sophisticated/something else but really great, if you can understand what i mean... The best Breakcore artists really get their breaks extremely broken yet simultaneously keep all that great flow to them and it literally feels like the breakbeats turn into a second melody <3
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  • not sure of this counts as breakcore but we made [url=]a thing[/url]
  • reizoko cj must be in a top 8
  • @TheWrathofThor because the troll was funny for like 2 days
  • Yay goreshit is one of the top lol
  • how comes Skrillex isnt in the top 8?

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