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    22 Jun 2007, 10:11 de samtam

    Recently I've received a few cool recommendations from various people, so I just thought it'd be nice for me to share ^^

    vividblaze (Recommended by one80)
    Jazz-pop band with female vocals, just the way I like'em. Very catchy riffs.

    cuetracks (Recommended by one80)
    Acoustic pop with some electronic bits. Quite varied - some of their songs are summery and relaxing, and a few tracks are quite experimental.

    NOMOTO karia (Recommended by haikara_girl)
    Shibuya-kei, influenced by bossa nova and French pops. Excellent (perhaps better than the original)
    rendition of Pizzicato Five's 'Wild Strawberries'. Currently addicted to her head-bobbing at the 1:00 mark.

    Jill-decoy Association (Recommended by lalasunday)
    Jazz-influenced pop. Female vocals on a very bold bassline. A few 'crank-it-up' tracks mixed in with some ballads.

    the band apart (Recommended by formosalovin)
    Indie J-rock band, melodic, upbeat. Excellent guitarist. Can't comment more because I may or may not have lost your cd school captain-san (sorry!)