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  • She's incredibly talented and beautiful. One of the best recent soloists in jpop. [2]
  • She's incredibly talented and beautiful. One of the best recent soloists in jpop.
  • All her songs are a minute too long
  • haha it's okay to disagree. I barely listen to "321" and the second half of "Delight" because it sounds annoying to me. We get some filler songs on "ONENESS" (like "Kitto Kanau" and "Kimi ni Deaeta Kara"), but as a whole it's a mature and gentle album with a nice vibe. "Delight" is very good too, I love the title track, but it sounds uncertain to me (?) and ends so fast...
  • ... okay super heroine is kinda good too. But I'm still underwhelmed after Delight
  • .. yea no. Delight is such a better album. The only new track that stood out was ONENESS. Her last singles were pretty boring imo.
  • Ok, "ONENESS" is already the best album of the year. I almost cried while watching the music video for the first time. I'm so proud of her...
  • 呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱呱
  • v finally! the title is "ONENESS"
  • New Album is coming! Release Date April 08
  • Try J-Pop/J-Rock artist [artist]西野名菜[/artist](Nishino Nana).
  • Change!:)
  • new single announced for 2015.01.28... omg, will she ever release an album again? five singles (two of them are double A-side singles), a lot of tied-up songs, almost two years after "Delight" and there are no hints that her next album is coming... I'm thinking it'll be like a best album, with only one or two new songs...
  • She is really talented. I hope she gets more recognition in the future
  • @mordwyr: no one cares about your stupid opinion! miwa ♥. Let me go is awesome.
  • Then I realized, Let me go samples Avril "My World" from her first album which called Let Go as well, lol. Hopefully it's official and the girl isn't in trouble.
  • Let me go >>> 君に出会えたから
  • @mordwyr nobody forced you to listen to the beloved miwa >__>
  • Rich Man Poor Woman brought me here
  • vv lol someone is mad
  • The new single is awesome.
  • I'm getting pretty fucking sick and tired of hearing about this bimbo, too. She fucking sucks!
  • Faith is really good. [3]
  • pero que bien toca xD
  • Faith is really good. [2]
  • I'm actually very addicted to "Faith", her skills have improved a lot since her debut
  • Great new single. Faith is really good.
  • omg "Faith" is so catchy and its PV is so awesome... can't wait for the release~
  • в китае она особо популярна
  • хорошая китайская исполнительница
  • started to listen to her and at first she reminds me at yuno ito's voice (in a good way :))
  • Change <3
  • such a sweet voice, i'm in love
  • She's been so perfect lately. Actually, she's always been perfect for me (I've never found her voice grating) but I'm totally digging the style she adopted this past year.
  • i'm so setsunai
  • The ballad version of Delight is the best thing ever.
  • kiss you <3
  • I totally understand you. It take me a little to get into her, not love at first sight. In fact, some ballads of her still sounds annoying for me (like "Tsuyoku Naritai", I really don't understand how people love this song so much... I almost hate it, but okay). But give her a try, some other ballads are pretty good (like "Otoshimono"). Her second album is pretty nice too.
  • vv She's a YUI alike, singer-songwriter, play the guitar, has an acoustic/country sound, but she's more girlish and fresh than YUI. miwa's latest album "Delight" is more pop, there are synths and autotune, and it seems like she's going into this sound too (the huge success of "Hikari e" has influenced her career by changing her style a little). For example, her upcoming single is half synthpop ("Faraway" side) and half acoustic ("Kiss you" side).
  • Her amazing cover arts were what really made me want to try her out. I don't really like her vocals, but I'm willing to look past them seeing as I really love "Delight" (the song). So yeah, I'll be giving her a chance.
  • miwa getting more beautiful aaaaaahhh kawwaii
  • "Kiss you" is so guitarissimo/guitarium, love it ♥
  • Delight is just a great album
  • Amazing .. change.. love her
  • delight is so good [2]
  • I'm seriously liking Delight. Solid album, and an amazing track. Loving the styles she uses in it (as well as Hikari e) not to mention the other great new songs. miwa seriously never disappoints.
  • Delight is very nice.
  • Sparrow and LOUD! ~憂鬱をぶっとばせ~ are my favorite! [2]
  • SWEET! The pic I uploaded is being used as the profile pic! :D


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