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  • Avatar de CarpoFM
    This guy is a fucking G
  • Avatar de shivboy
    "Hollowed" is alluring and gorgeous and at times desolate and bleak. fantastic album!
  • Avatar de Ericaterpstra43
    Hollowed is his best work since Midnight Colour, All his other stuff is still pretty cool
  • Avatar de anthropofugal
    blown away by hollowed...
  • Avatar de paragrafo
    New album is massive.[3]
  • Avatar de Neirol
    New stuff is masterpiece.
  • Avatar de hailkomputer
    Hollowed is brain-food
  • Avatar de Drakemirow
    everything after nex just blows my mind. murmur and jenova are absolutely fantastic and vacuum I is the perfect closer.
  • Avatar de fkingly_fine
    Love gets deeper with every realease
  • Avatar de pinoekel
    New album is massive.[2]
  • Avatar de Crusheer
    Loving Hollowed!
  • Avatar de 29noangel
    New album is massive.
  • Avatar de gabystarlight
    Hollowed is pretty damn good.
  • Avatar de dukon
    Hollowed is fine album
  • Avatar de melodymann
    darkstep // new album contains some good stuff to listen
  • Avatar de deadairspace
    New album is pretty amazing <3
  • Avatar de soichiroiga
  • Avatar de isitbeer30yet
    Deep Pools
  • Avatar de grantlewiss
  • Avatar de NoIZeFAQ
    New release is dope.
  • Avatar de smokethecosmos
    control is beautiful.
  • Avatar de SikkinDivigil
    All of your music is really inspiring. Your rhythms are amazing
  • Avatar de baxinski
    Nebula Dance is such a great record. even better than Midnight Colour.
  • Avatar de Salvatorin
    control is bitchin'
  • Avatar de fkingly_fine
    Enjoyed every single release this guy has done (even Nebula Dance), and Control is no exception.
  • Avatar de no-thanks
    Woah, control is great.
  • Avatar de VStpnV Masterpiece
  • Avatar de VStpnV
    The Flood is sick
  • Avatar de Flodstromsconce
    I think Nebula Dance is the nuts.
  • Avatar de Rakiestaan
  • Avatar de Carnzoid
    Tokyo Freeze is one of the first tracks I ever heard, still think it's one of the best!
  • Avatar de shakedatthang
    100 thousnad listeners? He's big
  • Avatar de szpeti16
    his best work so far in this "genre", better than planet ep and nebula dance
  • Avatar de fkingly_fine
    New EP is way better than Nebula Dance
  • Avatar de Lacertidae
    Re Entry)
  • Avatar de dubt33
    i like the fact that he takes on a sound-scape present in Severant and takes it further, new EP proves my point.
  • Avatar de Verderber
    And yeah, I like the EP better again, it's almost up there with The Planet. I still can't quite put the finger on it why Nebula Dance doesn't really work for me.
  • Avatar de Verderber
    That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard on this site, and I've been to the Deathspell Omega shoutbox.
  • Avatar de akai_android
    Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • Avatar de dukon
    love the new EP, I found his EPs more satisfying hten studio albums
  • Avatar de televat0r
    hyper real EP is dope. dude is making other producers look bad with his consistency.
  • Avatar de Carnzoid
    For me Tokyo Freeze is still one of his best tracks ever, love the glitchy-ness.
  • Avatar de Goomba4001
    So is it not spelt "iTAL tEK" anymore?
  • Avatar de leisuresuite
    New album is a bit Kuedo... [2] <-- this. You can hear a lot of Kuedo influence
  • Avatar de kutox1
    New album is very nice
  • Avatar de madrfadr
    new pic
  • Avatar de xbaertx
  • Avatar de JohnBrune
    New album is a bit Kuedo...
  • Avatar de BeZet
    It's allright, a bit samey, but I'm enjoying it
  • Avatar de Verderber
    Not really feeling it yet, save a few tracks. The Planet EP gripped me much more.


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