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  • Avatar de sam_sgtpepper67
    Light a Roman Candle with Me <3
  • Avatar de scoby_2010
    Guitar Hero brought me here.
  • Avatar de arcticweezer
    Nate viado, esquece a carreira solo e vem lançar album novo com o fun. [2]
  • Avatar de duda_a
    i really need a new album [7] volta logo
  • Avatar de mxungs
    stars still my jam 💜
  • Avatar de Explo96
    love this.
  • Avatar de Tddynho
    Nate viado, esquece a carreira solo e vem lançar album novo com o fun.
  • Avatar de amandahp
    what happened to them?
  • Avatar de emerson_scv
    ToniiIiIiIiiIiiiight, weee aaaree yoounggg
  • Avatar de teenagejesus666
    I sure hope so!
  • Avatar de Brooke_Harper
    Did they break up? Who knows?
  • Avatar de Ernimel
    May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on!
  • Avatar de bloodywiill
    i really need a new album [6]
  • Avatar de Hoome
    All Alone ♥
  • Avatar de Jcool0
    i really need a new album [5]. The band will put out a new album when their solo careers cool down. Its why a group like NSYNC hasn't released a new album, Justin Timberlake doesn't need it (and no one would care about one without him) and why Blink 182 reformed because the solo careers were on the down slope.
  • Avatar de Jcool0
    As soon as Bleachers took off i knew Fun. was over. No way would Jack Antonoff stop fronting a successful band to be second fiddle in Fun.
  • Avatar de ajablagargala
    If anyone didn't know, Nate Ruess is releasing a solo album in June.
  • Avatar de viniluis
    i realy need a new album [4]
  • Avatar de DatGlitterBitch
    i realy need a new album [3]
  • Avatar de doardotella
    i realy need a new album [2]
  • Avatar de ajablagargala
    lel so indie
  • Avatar de mxungs
    i really need a new album
  • Avatar de geprgeharrison
    Inspector Gadget tu ru rum ru ruuum
  • Avatar de stupidfukk
    What do I stand for? Most nights, I don't know anymore.
  • Avatar de joshactive
  • Avatar de StupidCupcake
    Carry On. ♥
  • Avatar de meduse8tv
  • Avatar de w-allflower
    Jack. ❤
  • Avatar de nadialesa
    My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State!
  • Avatar de stvnkzmnv
    sad what happened to this band lol
  • Avatar de blurrrrrrrrr
  • Avatar de DenUltimata
    I cringe when I hear the extreme autotune in Some Nights...
  • Avatar de Carpe4Diem
    Пара, тройка песен, не более.
  • Avatar de AjEmNikola
    my favorite, UP
  • Avatar de fridamccn
    New album please! (5)
  • Avatar de Cheddarlicious
    New album - status: REQUIRED, IMMEDIATELY :b
  • Avatar de pmrooter
    need more from them, start to forget how they sound.
  • Avatar de DatGlitterBitch
    New album please! (4) like, NOW!
  • Avatar de MoDesT-
    Извините, но хуNта.
  • Avatar de CagedElephants
    Harsh lights sounds more like aim and ignite than some nights. its about time.
  • Avatar de yellow-umbrella
    New album please! (3)
  • Avatar de mxungs
    Walking the Dog ❤
  • Avatar de avrilisepic
    Harsh Lights is freaking awesome xo
  • Avatar de SeregaSelibakin
    Harsh Lights♥
  • Avatar de jean787
    meus <3
  • Avatar de arcticweezer
    Tá bom de lançar álbum novo, seus porra.
  • Avatar de aftwardaam1998
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  • Avatar de blurrrrrrrrr
  • Avatar de mxungs
    come to brazil viados
  • Avatar de LeoOh
    Out On the Town ♥


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