• Voices of the Lifestream - early impressions

    28 Sep 2007, 7:06 de evktalo

    Here are some of my initial thoughts about Voices of the Lifestream. This game music rearrangement/remix album totals 4 CDs worth of material, and the originals are from Final Fantasy 7.

    I have given it a few listen-throughs as background music and a few pieces have caught my attention and got more focused listens. So it's got some gems. The album is also nicely segued, so a lot of transitions between the tracks have musical quality in themselves and add to the whole. And the overall quality is good. Often I feel many rearrangements are overproduced - I like more visceral takes. Comparing to - in my opinion - rather limp Chrono Symphonic, this collection sounds fresh.

    I've only played FF7 a little so the music isn't particularly nostalgic for me, although Nobuo Uematsu (the original composer of much of Final Fantasy music through the series) is always a favourite. I do recall thinking that PS1 sounded worse than Super Nintendo when it came to Nobuo's music. …