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Up All Night (3:20)


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  • Indeed smells like sweet summer, love this song <3
  • Do I smell AvA? [3]
  • This song is amazing
  • Currently my favorite Blink song. :)
  • The Blink-182 I enjoyed is here. [2]
  • The Blink-182 I enjoyed is here.
  • of course, smells like summer.
  • smells like summer. sweet summer
  • Love this song!! Classic Blink sound, little Box Car and AVA mixed in, = a great sound that FEELS like Blink 182! Thank you Mark, Tom, & Travis!
  • Fuck you, I love this song... it's 100% blink-182! [3]
  • Did we just learn how to swear? How lovely. Too bad this band and this song especially don't understand how to perform music
  • Fuck you, I love this song... it's 100% blink-182! [2]
  • *;*::::D
  • this is honestly a terrible song.
  • BCR + AvA = New blink - 182
  • im glad blink 182 is back together :)
  • ну конечно пахнет авой, тем более что она в похожих композициях
  • lovelovelove this song
  • No, I smell Blink 182
  • Check out his cover. He sounds like blink o:
  • Do I smell AvA? [2]
  • How have I never heard this !?
  • sounds like ava
  • "this is honestly a terrible song" you only listen to metal. Why would anyone listen to your opinion on something from a genre you don't even listen to.
  • eargasm
  • I thought I was listening to Angels & Airwaves [2]
  • I thought I was listening to Angels & Airwaves
  • space punk [2]
  • this is honestly a terrible song
  • joinha^^
  • gostei deste single =)
  • literally going to be up all night due to procrastination of schoolwork, look up, and see this song playing. how pertinent
  • box car racer
  • AWESOME SONG!!! Into sounds awesome!!
  • Can't stop listen... great song!
  • intro makes me mad!!!! luv it!
  • I thought blink-182 was one of those bands you never wanted to grow up but after the first skeptic listen this really grows on you. A fucking great song.
  • nice vid
  • awesome^^
  • you're not the only one. its a great song
  • Guess I'm one of the few people that like this song.
  • V Yeah, except ten times better, owing to Mark's vocals.
  • this song sounds more like something you'd find on a Angels & Airwaves CD, However, I love it nonetheless!
  • Not a hug fan of the chorus, but the riff and verses are sweet!
  • This finally grew on me.
  • space punk
  • Heart's All Gone is old Blink, After Midnight is mid Blink and Up All Night is new Blink.
  • I don't get all the hate on this song - probably just attention-seeking assholes. Granted, it's the worst of the three songs they've released, but it's still really good.


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