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  • Avatar de silverlage
  • Avatar de Windir
    this album is very beautiful and melancholic
  • Avatar de kilstrit
    I was 13 when mum bought me this album :D Still loving "Holy Ground" and "White Dwarf". And need to check out other records ;)
  • Avatar de Charmander0
    Analogue is a very underrated album IMO and other than 'halfway through the tour' and 'make it soon' which i think it could do without i love this album; cosy prisons, birthright, holyground, analogue and the summers of our youth are some of my favourite a-ha songs ever... the album is actually one of my favourites from them. seems to get mixed reviews though [: !
  • Avatar de Diegorsantos
    essa não é a capa do álbum!!
  • Avatar de caffeine_
    Cosy Prisons makes me cry. <3
  • Avatar de Skidro
    My conclusion is that Analogue contains tons of jewels (perhaps the most) and is without doubt one of the best albums. Once again you have lot of good hits and tons of underdogs. Look beyond Take on me! Keep in my mind that this all according to my opinion ;)
  • Avatar de Skidro
    I notice that Birthright sounds already more emotional. Then at track 6 you get Holy Ground a song orginally from Morten Harket (the singer). The remake of this song makes the orginal sound more like a pre-demo. It souns superb. Over the treeptops gives you some sort of Beatles experience with the double voice effect. Halfway through the tour seems to me experimentel but nice if your in the mood for it. The Fine Blue line is emotional deep love song (the basic ingredients which lets Morten Harket sings like an angel). Keeper of the flame sounds like they put a lot of effort creating a music composision which is perfect from the start until the end. Make it soon sounds like Halfway through the Tour.. experimentel (unless you think a-ha always makes that kind of rock) White Dwarf has his seperate atmosphere. Quite funny if you sound to the lyrics. The summer of our youth is a touchy calm Magne song with Morten backing him up. More worth listening to then "Dragonfly".
  • Avatar de Skidro
    I am an a-ha for 10 years and i am going to the a-ha concert in Cologne. Anyways here is my opinion about Analogue. I concluded when i look at the videoclips and listening to the album that the following songs are made to be a hit: Celice Cosy Prisons Analogue (All I Want) And Celice and Analogue sounds more main stream and less a-ha. Good songs for the most common people i think though. Cosy Prisons sounds to me as a hybrid between an a-ha song and a song which is made to score. I hope i dont get too complicated now :) If you listen to the cd I experience that you travel deeper and deeper into the a-ha music. For example after track 4 you passed the main stream music (like celice and analogue i mentioned earlier)
  • Avatar de hate_BANANAS
    отличный!...отличный альбом...отличная группа!..отличная музыка!

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