• The 10 Ultimate Norwegian Black Metals

    8 Mar 2012, 20:50 de nefolk

    What you see is what you expect. My 10 personal favourite acts with a song for each in reverse chronological order. Whatever!

    10 Zyklon-B
    To start the countdown, something with less substance yet such stellar quality (Samoth, Ihsahn, Aldrahn & Frost!) and merciless altitude it cannot be omitted. Their only 3-track EP was also the first thing I ever saw the NEVER STOP THE MADNESS label on

    9 Darkthrone
    Lately more punk than black metal Fenriz's attitude still owns everyone up there. More credit for Isengard, Storm and the rest of the lot. Here is a fundamentally quintessential tune with lyrics by Varg Vikernes

    8 Burzum
    Yes! Whatever you do is bound to be legend. <3

    7 Kvist
    These fvckers were the pick of the crop back in the day and would undoubtedly have soared much higher were it not for their meager discography. …
  • Dark Legions list of essential black metal

    18 Nov 2010, 16:15 de dark_legions

    Inspired by the Omega Switch list:

    Level 1 - These are albums that any fans of good music should have.

    Level 2 - These are albums that any metal fan should have.

    Level 3 - While these are not essential recordings, they are worthy additions for a black metal fan.

    Level 4 - Albums that have some interesting aspects to borrow, re-use or re-do.

    Level 5 - Everything else. The "who really cares" file, except for purists.

    Level 1
    Bathory - The Return, Blood Fire Death, Hammerheart
    Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids
    Immortal - Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism, Pure Holocaust
    Burzum - Burzum, Det Som Engang Var, Hvis lyset tar oss
    Darkthrone - Under a Funeral Moon, Transilvanian Hunger
    Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon
    Graveland - The Celtic Winter, Following the Voice of Blood
    Gorgoroth - Pentagram, Antichrist
    Ancient - Svartalvheim
    Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)
    Enslaved- Vikingligr Veldi (1993)
    Emperor / Enslaved- Emperor / Hordanes Land (1993)
  • Giddy Up Gangsta - Demo 2008 review

    17 Sep 2008, 12:17 de Generalplan-Ost
    Here we have Giddy Up Gangsta, a groundbreaking death metal band from Southern Illinois and their first and sole demo. Giddy Up Gangsta play a very amazing, brutal, technically proeficient form of death metal mixed with brutal hardcore, unforgiving tunes, which is very specific to the United States over the past 8-10 years. It would be unwiseto call it "metalcore" or "deathcore" when they are indeed death metal with a swedish touch, however they seem to have a touch of avant-gardeness by looking at their name, song titles and lyrics.
    The drumming is very technical, brutal, blastbeating; the riffs are groovy, swedish ones, the bass guitar is light as a coke light, while the vocals are brutal, shrieking grows or high pitched screams.
    I cannot continue the review without talking about the cover. Oh yes, the cover is worth the demo (which was given for free at their…
  • Download Beithíoch new album "Aisling Dhorcha" free

    9 Sep 2008, 19:31 de radio_nihil

    Aisling Dhorcha By Beithíoch Released For Free

    The new album by Beithíoch is available to download free from HI.ARC.TOW.

    Aisling Dhorcha remains within the ambient black metal framework set out on first album Díolaim whilst expanding the range of dynamics and mood utilised. Unlike the arguably fragmented first album, Aisling Dhorcha is written as a complete, continuous whole; ocassionally recalling and mutating motifs from itself in imitation of the romantic style of greats like Beethoven and Brahms. A tale of struggle and triumph over fear and complacency, Aisling Dhorcha is the essence of Beithíoch approached from a new perspective. This album features vocals and lyrics entirely within the Irish language.

    Download (RAR archived MP3)

    This release is under Creative Commons license.

    Mael MórdhaProgrammed Cell Death hi.arc.towcryosyncopy Maeror Tri Radio NIHIL Biosphere Aphex Twin Autechre Ulver Beethoven
  • Brutal Assault XIII - Report

    19 Ago 2008, 22:40 de alul

    Thu 14 Aug – Brutal Assault XIII - 2008

    So, let's summarize these three days full of great extreme music, shall we?

    The first thing to note was the weather. 95% of the time it was raining, not just a few raindrops here and there, but serious raining storm.
    In combination with strong cold wind the setting was quite discomfortable.
    In front of the stages were large slops and alot of mold all around, so the moshpitting was incredibly funny.

    Drinks and meals were delicious, same as the last year. A lot of exotic drinks and meals included, great thing before getting drunk.
    The tea tent was also awesome, 6 great teas and hookah with a broad spectrum of tobaccos, excellent.

    The festival area was like 1/2 larger than it was the last year, still, in my opinion, it wasn't enough. Everywhere you looked it was crowded as fuck, rendering it nearly impossible to move fast from point A to point B.
    There was like 5.000-7.000 more people compared to the last year…
  • Inner Circle (Español)

    4 May 2008, 5:08 de El_LoBo_RoJo

    Inner Circle

    En los primeros años 80, las bandas británicas como Venom se consideraban a ellos mismos los representantes de la vertiente más "malvada" de la industria musical, e interpretaban su papel como animadores de Satán para crearse una imagen diferenciadora en el panorama del Heavy Metal.

    Burzum - Aske (EP) [1993]

    Pero algo sucedió cuando el Black Metal cruzó el Mar del Norte. Para las bandas de Black Metal noruegas, esto significó mucho más que meras actuaciones sobre el escenario: eran satanistas convencidos que luchaban por conseguir expulsar al cristianismo de Noruega, utilizando las maneras antiguas del paganismo. Abogaban por el renacimiento de las antiguas prácticas vikingas ensalzando, por ejemplo, las peleas de sangre y las matanzas por venganza.


    Los que sembraron la semilla en Noruega fueron los miembros del grupo Mayhem…
  • ¿Conoces que es el NSBM?

    24 Ene 2008, 2:31 de AiyaB

    EL Siglas en Ingles de National Socialist Black Metal (Black Metal Nacional Socialista) se refiere a un subgénero del Black metal(Con elementos musicales) que apoyan ya sea ideológicamente o en liricas pensamientos Neo nazis: Erradicaciòn el Judeo- Cristianismo, separamiento racial, antisemitismo, prevalecimiento de la raza Aria, Anti- modernismo, etc. (Vale destacar que se diferencian del pensamiento Nazi original en que estos nunca se opusieron abiertamente al cristianismo, inclusive fue muy respetado el Vaticano durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial).La mayoria son la indole underground.


    Los inicios de estas bandas fue alrededor de los 90’ y tiene como pioneros principalmente a:
    Burzum(Noruega) con el encarcelamiento de Varg Virkenes donde se declara neonazi, hoy en dia dice que no lo es, porque no apoya todas las ideologías del movimiento Nazi.

    Burzum y el fantasma nazi

  • Audio Library Survey

    25 Dic 2007, 0:45 de VampyricSleep

    Sort by title
    First: Heavy Heavy Low Low - A, V, S, L, N
    Last: Rammstein - Zwitter

    Sort by time
    First: Koji Kondo - Treasure Remains (0:01)
    Last: Merzbow - Rainbow Electronics (1:13:22)

    Sort by artist
    First: a-ha
    Last: Zyklon-B

    Sort by album
    First: Soundgarden - A-Sides
    Last: U2 - Zooropa

    Most played track
    Between the Buried and Me - Alaska

    Most recently played track
    Heavy Heavy Low Low - Buddy, You're Making No Sense

    First five songs on shuffle
    raison d'être - Euphrosyne
    Audioslave - Until We Fall
    Modest Mouse - Float On
    The Advantage - Castlevania Intro + Stage I
    Golden Sun - Oriental

    Search for the word
    "heart" - 41 songs
    "death" - 58 songs
    "love" - 97 songs
    "you" - 265 songs

    Your alphabet of favourite artists
    A - Audioslave
    B - Between the Buried and Me
    C - CKY
    D - Dead Kennedys
    E - Every Time I Die
    F - From a Second Story Window
    G - Gorillaz
    H - Heaven Shall Burn
    I - Iron Maiden
    J - John Coltrane
  • The two types of black metal bands (or musicans)

    24 Oct 2006, 19:14 de RethderGerwelt

    After my genius super articels about black metal, I now write the third, and maybe last one of this freaking horny super duper journals :D

    Today: There are two types of black metal bands out there, obviously, both types are deeply into nazism and other things which are so evil, I don't want to even call their names! I'm just scared :( and I'm into extreme forms of communism, so black metal fans beware! you will die in the horrible working camps of the communist world empire!

    1.Black metal bands which claim they are into nazism and really like the image of being "bad boys".

    Bands like Nachtfalke are so nazi, they sometimes even are to nazi to remove their nazistic working titles of their demos, see the demo "Sieg Heil" of Nachtfalkes Hail Victory Teutonia. They always hate jews and multiculti, they fear they could pair up with a chinese girl and get little half chinese, half aryan kids, or something else like this terrible construction of the dark gods!

  • Why Black Metal is nazi and Von Thronstahl is not!

    24 Sep 2006, 9:58 de RethderGerwelt

    I think everyone knows my journal "Why scooter is better than darkthrone", I got many response from Black Metal Nazis and from people who want to become Black Metal Nazis. One of their major arguments was "BUUUÄÄÄÄHHH! You so evil, listening to nazi Von thronstahl and writing black metal is nazi... you so evil *whinny*". Since I restricted the ability to post comments to this journal many people wrote posts into my shoutbox, totally ignoring the fact that I'm not interested in their comments and won't discuss with them my journal.

    I desided to write another journal against black metal, this time I will explain why Von Thronstahl are extrem left wing anarchists and every Black Metal band is involved into nazism.

    So, lets go!

    1.Von Thronstahl use fascist imaginery, which means they are left winged! It's the nature of punks to use symbols that look very nazi (like the swastika on their buttons!)

    Black Metal Bands are nazi because they use fascist imaginery without knowing what it means!