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  • xe is the best, along with s/t and arms
  • catchy but not catchy ya know?
  • Арагасык пизда.
  • Xhi
    instrumental condensations that were conducted between "new slaves" and "xe" really fuel the intensity of the compositions here. while the former takes time to formulate its ideas, the latter is closer to a short but febrile maelstrom.
  • I must say, Xe is easily my favourite release by them so far.
  • Xe is amazing.
  • Xe!!!!!!
  • o thas nice
  • Xe is great
  • The new album is great!
  • Xe got the grooves to get my booty rumbling
  • Xhi
  • xe!
  • one of the best live shows ive seen in a long time
  • New album comes out Jan 27. I shared and wrote about 2 of the new songs: and both are incredible, and lengthy at 12 and 18 minutes respectively. "Think Misirlou fucking with Electric Counterpoint and you’re on the right page."
  • Злые языки в топе, я доволен.
  • еврей ьорпдач и лысый , класика
  • even better live
  • One of the few exciting and creative bands around!
  • Они что-то кислое съели?
  • В трусах у пацана все чаще пизда, ржавая пизда, hozaibyrghen пизда!
  • А где бурят? Как его группу найти?
  • This music unlocked part of my brain. [2]
  • Озайбырген пизда! [4]
  • Озайбырген пизда! [3]
  • а где злые языки?
  • Where is "Xe"? There's shitloads of live footage on youtube but i need the real thing...
  • typical yankee jackoffs
  • These guys must be great to see live, New Slaves is wild as all hell.
  • This music unlocked part of my brain.
  • Озайбырген пизда! [2]
  • band is too fucking good
  • Sheffield show!
  • I think it's just "Zees" like if it was a plurality of Z's
  • ok how do you pronounce Zs
  • @OnTheFly: Thanks for pointing that out.
  • @tim4tw: you now actually have that Score-thing.
  • there is no good reason not to own this box set;
  • I need that Score-thing.
  • check out Hillmer's solo work as [artist]Diamond Terrifier[/artist] with an insane 27 minute piece of cloudy dance noise at
  • I'm sorry but this is just amazing!
  • Arms is fantastic and fun, and I don't see anyone giving it shit. Certainly it's nowhere near New Slaves, though. That one is a flat out monument.
  • It's just comparatively not as interesting, so strict and, following the rules.
  • Do not understand such discredit for Arms.
  • @Jazuki: I think that's somehow related to Ben Greenberg's side-project Hubble.
  • one of the best band ever listened! From which album or EP is "Hubble prototype? Reards J
  • les preste atencion ase poko.. tan de choro :)
  • Mmm, gold Sky Burial on cassette and New Slaves on vinyl. What could be better.


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