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  • whoa. on replay @ home on Sundays...yep!
  • Perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine in the bath
  • vocals by Sia Furler
  • you put my FEET! back on the ground
  • Vocals are amazing on this track
  • long time love
  • <3
  • Known this song for the longest song and I've always LOVED it.. so chill! I love SIa too
  • Always loved Sia's voice on this track. ♥
  • This song gets me every time! [3]
  • I really love the vocals on this track!
  • I completely agree with WaySilentBob69. The first half of Yeah Ghost was alright and then it just went to shit. They went too experimental.
  • love!
  • no do not like it
  • If you do not have one of their albums in your collection something is missing.
  • eargasm
  • i want this to be my wedding song
  • *sigh*
  • Wow... what a gorgeous song
  • hmmm so lovely and smooth:)
  • love,love,love
  • epicness at 4:18
  • This song gets me every time! [2]
  • I wish I could Double Love this track.
  • This song gets me every time!
  • I adore this track
  • This song is very corny in a lot of ways, but I'm still completely won over... Such a sweet piece of key lime pie...
  • dreaming. <3
  • This song basically describes that one person that we all hope to find one day...'the one'
  • I've loved this song for years, and it still gives me goosebumps. so good.
  • Zero seven has been a revelation. I am a new fan!!!!
  • My very favorite Zero 7 track..
  • Hmmmm.. fluid, longing, lounging, loving, hmmmmmm
  • This song is in my top 5 tracks ever. I will love it eternally.
  • super!! :)
  • I want to fall in love just to feel this song deeper
  • >> Simply one of the best songs I've ever listened to... <3 totally
  • Sia <3
  • forgot how good it was.
  • Sublime as can be.
  • I love Sia Furler. With passion.
  • Simply one of the best songs I've ever listened to... <3
  • swept away with emotions!!
  • I really like her voice. Can't believe she's white.
  • one of the most romantic, absolute best songs ever recorded.
  • 'You would share your last jellybean'
  • oh i love this...
  • You're obsessed with hiding the sticks and stones When I fear the unknown You feel like home, you feel like home
  • One of all time favourites
  • • A Musical Oasis...


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