• The Rock Boat

    17 Jun 2006, 1:52 de seimaisin

    I wanted to write a new journal entry over here, but I couldn't think of anything ... until I remembered, hey, I haven't yet pimped out the Best Trip Ever over here!

    The Rock Boat is a music cruise; possibly the best vacation I've ever taken. I initially signed on because two of my favorite bands - Carbon Leaf and Gaelic Storm - were going to be there. Four days on a ship with nothing better to do than listen to some of my favorite music? Count me in, man!

    I had no idea. None. I walked onto that ship with barely a clue - I walked off poorer in the pocketbook and far, far richer in music! I fell head over heels for our hosts, Sister Hazel - one of the best live acts I've had the pleasure of seeing. We also saw Dexter Freebish, in one of their very last live performances - unfortunately, because they blew me away, too. Other highlights included Mat Kearney, Matt Wertz, Adam Richman, Ari Hest, Wideawake, Zac Brown, Aslyn, Jackson Rohm, Danielia Cotton ... the list goes on, and I'm probably forgetting some.