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  • yeeeeeeeees
  • He's ok.
  • Film burn <3
  • Trip-hop/downtempo/abstract hip-hop -
  • best trip hop this year. hands down.
  • I put one of his tracks in my mix, enjoy:
  • film burn is sublime
  • :-)
  • Film Burn is one of the greatest songs I've heard in a really long time
  • enjoy:D
  • Always hear him while working :]
  • Originals interviewed Yppah before his live performance in NYC on June 22nd, check it:
  • Never Mess With Sunday
  • его новый просто невообразим, пока лучший для меня в этом году, он настолько разительно отличается от предыдущего, он гармоничен, много отличных треков, насыщен и заряжен энергией, Джо ты молодец - продолжай в том же духе
  • (: yppah m'I dna netsil I
  • Eighty One - amazing album
  • Yppah feat. Anomie Belle - Soon Enough
  • awesome i love that! how people can creat so wondeful sound!?
  • Soo good
  • Eighty One... holy smoke that's one damn fine album!
  • Eighty One is amazing. [8] I just discovered this guy today, I so wish I knew about him years before
  • what a sound!
  • oh my god, new album is everything i could of asked for and more. this guy is seriously one of my favorite producers ever
  • Eighty One is proper class, its made me re-visit You Are Beautiful At All Times and the last week of my life has consequently been soundtracked solely by Yppah.
  • anyone else pick up on the skateboarding references?
  • I should have started properly listening to his music a lot sooner.
  • I reviewed it & I loved it :) Film Burn has my eternal love!
  • Goed review here:
  • <3<3<3
  • ♥ Some Have Said
  • the new album is great, i just re-discovered yppah!!! :)
  • Eighty One is amazing. [7] Thank you for enriching my life with your music <3
  • already album of the year for me, thank you!
  • Soo good
  • yes, great album
  • ох, он - главное открытие этого года! удивительная смесь сочных битов с расслабляющими мелодиями
  • drums <3
  • "D. Song" is really Dope!!! welcome back Yppah :3
  • Film
  • Eighty One is amazing. [5] I'm really digging film burn at the moment
  • Eighty One is amazing. [4]
  • [url=]Eighty One[/url] is amazing. [3]
  • Film Burn feat. Anomie Belle!!!
  • крутотенюшка
  • ∞1's good,as always
  • sheer beauty.
  • New album is amazing
  • Dude you did it againe! Greate cool record from you. I want you in europe this year!


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