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  • new single slays
  • Looks like they are starting to play some shows again :)
  • Can't believe I'm so late in finding this band. I really missed out
  • New EP is decent. I love the first track
  • New EP out!
  • So who's in this band now... ben... and new members?
  • I'm loving the new 3 song EP. Wish "I'm Alright" was longer. Can't wait til he gets some new members together and get some more songs out.
  • The new EP doesn't disappoint, I'd even say that the first track on it is one of YM&EWK's best.
  • What do you guys think?
  • Ben is releasing a new EP soon! Under the YMAEWK moniker!
  • YMAEWK was the last emo pop band I got into as the genre fell and I aged out of that scene.
  • i love this band to death.
  • LOL tags good shit, indeed it is
  • DAMMIT they need to come back from the dead.
  • got into them because of Max Bemis from Say Anything doing vocals in I Can Back Up. loved 'em ever since.
  • <3 YM&EWK so much
  • btw i'm not mikey ghaz, just copy pasted.
  • Whats up dudes and dude'ets mikey ghaz here. First of all I just wanted to say wazz upppppp!! How you all been?!? Hows life?? Miss you all and im sure all the other guys feel the same way/wonder the same thing. Since the split basically all of us have started new projects which is cool because were all still doing music and not giving up on it for full time jobs. So everyone I ask you in the most chillest way support our new projects. Thanks friends. -Mikey Ghaz
  • I feel like I got stabbed in the chest I now can't live without you guys and to see you broke up... I wanna cry
  • Don't normally listen to this kinda thing. But his voice is lovely. R.I.P YM&EWK<3
  • V -Agreed.
  • can't believe a band this good broke up. kill me oasdlkfjdslkfjsdklj
  • yeah, the name of this band doesn't fit that movie at all. that was a good movie.
  • Their name being a total rip-off of an all right film and everything else about them depresses me.
  • great band
  • God they're good!
  • i love party for the grown and sexy but its the only thing from them i listen to. and i'm not really into really poppy pop punk that much as it is. am i in the wrong for not listening to their other releases? listened to so young, so insane a little but the only song i came back to really was the first one!
  • Whohohooooooo !!!
  • You made it into our top ten list for the middle of summer with your song Some Things Don't Wash Out! Congratulations :)
  • I just looked through my library and saw them again. It's soo sad they broke up because I liked listening to them!
  • Can't believe they've broken up, i'm in mourning..
  • combination of Fall out boy & say anything
  • played a show with them in a shitty bar on long island. they sang along to our cover of ruby soho, cool guys and good music.
  • i'm gonna miss these guys so much :(
  • woo ben is rebuilding YMAEWK! check out his tumblr blog. GREAT NEWS!!
  • its the best band i ever heard of
  • Nice!
  • hopefully ben does something new soon. i want more music from him, even if he messed this all up.
  • they were so good? :O
  • and ben's blog:
  • right after i discovered you guys! :P
  • broke up? :S
  • </3
  • These guys were awesome. Really sux that they broke up :/
  • </3
  • shame. they were one of the most promising bands lately.


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